As the holiday comes to a close, Hannah’s poolside musings

As the holiday approaches the end, I’m reminiscing on an absolutely fabulous week we’ve had in the sun together. Chris has been updating our Twitter feed throughout, so I’m sure if you follow that then you’ll have some idea of the fun we’ve been having!

From the second we arrived at the airport almost a week ago, all of our ultimate goals (of all three of us, myself, Chris and my boyfriend L) have certainly been achieved – lots of sex, cuddles, chilling, venturing out as the hottest couple at the resort, beach time, drinks and generally having a giggle. I’ve been braver than my wildest dreams in wearing my Wicked Weasel bikinis and gorgeous SexyJewels Queen of Spades anklets brazenly in public and have throughly loved every minute of it 💖

As I currently write, L is catching up on some well earned sleep, we had very little of that last night and my boy needs to recharge his batteries for later as I’m a somewhat demanding girl ♠️ 😈.

At around midnight last night we had a FaceTime with Chris whilst we role played that I had an interview for a job in the adult industry. Acting out the scenario with L as the interviewer lead into the early hours and he really put me through my paces, but nothing I couldn’t handle with ease 😉

Both my O-levels and A-levels were thoroughly tested and I passed with flying colours as ever 😈♠️💦 I’m very pleased to report that my interview was successful and I got the job. I intend to sleep once I sign off from this post as even HotWives need to boost their energy!

Feeling very content and happy to have had the opportunity to go away for a week in the sun with L, where we have utterly spoiled each other – here’s to the next one 🍾🥂😉. And as for the promised creampie tally, you’ll have to keep an eye out on Twitter – I think Chris will be making my poor tan lined bottom very pink!

What do you say about a repeat trip Chris?…….😈💋


HotWife Holiday D-day – some words from Hannah

So, it’s finally D-day, flying off to a paradise island in a few short hours with my long term boyfriend after so much planning and dreaming. How am I feeling you may ask….? Having done a 10k run this morning, shower, shave & semi-permanent Queen of Spades tattoos applied, nails done and all packed, I feel pumped and ready. Later, I will be pumped and ready in so many different ways 😈

Obviously I am insanely excited, but also there are the nerves of stepping onto a plane without my family. With the Covid restrictions, I’m hoping that we’ve completed all the correct forms and got the relevant documents. Once in the departure hall I’m sure all my stresses will be gone as we sit hand in hand with a glass of bubbles, waiting to board the plane.

My heart is currently banging in my chest. The thoughts of what we will be doing just a few hours and indeed days from now. Totally coupled up as boyfriend and girlfriend for a whole week and no one knows our dark secret…… ♠️💖

Hannah 💋XxX

HotWife Holiday Prologue Part Three – Hannah’s Boyfriend, L’s Perspective

For those that follow our blog and Twitter page, you will know that Hannah and her boyfriend are jetting off abroad for a week in the sun together this weekend; in this series we have already detailed our prologue thoughts from Hannah and myself, but for the third and final instalment today, we hand over now to Hannah’s boyfriend for his perspective. A man of few words, but oh so many skills!:

Flash back to very early January this year, both Hannah and Chris had idly mentioned the possibility of her and me going away on holiday together, just the two of us – they were both keen on the idea and of course I was too, but how would we make it a reality?

Barely a week passed and, during one of our regular weekly threesomes as we all lay there on the bed, naked and utterly spent, the plan was set and we all agreed that we were going to make this happen. As one can imagine, up to this point this had been no more than flippant comments, the odd whisper on the pillow, simply a passing remark or hot chat during sessions, but it now suddenly became something very real and tangible; me and my delightful girlfriend Hannah taking a week away together abroad in the sun, how exciting!

During the next few days I was, for want of a better word, bombarded with texts and hotel screenshots from my lovely girlfriend:

How about here”, “What do you think of this one, it’s got a lovely pool”, “Look at this” etc.

I could tell she was beyond excited. Finally I said “Princess, you just find somewhere you wanna go, just tell me when, where, and how much and I’m there” and that was that. She and Chris then did all of the trawling through what seemed like hundreds of travel sites and finally clicked that “Book Holiday” button – with that, the deal was done😊💖

As touched on by both Chris and Hannah in their previous thoughts this week, we had first scheduled to go away in June for our one year anniversary, but were forced to rebook due to Covid tut tut, but fast forward from what feels like an eternity ago since the initial suggestion to today, both double jabbed, passports at the ready, bags packed, relevant forms all filled in and in less than 48 hours we’re off for our filthy week away together!

The words to express just how exciting this is frankly elude me; a week in the sun with my gorgeous girlfriend, simply and utterly perfect in so many ways.

Now for those who are not privy to the Stag/Vixen dynamic, it may very well seem like the most BIZZARRE arrangement ever, and I understand that; however for me (all of us!) it works oh so well and I really wouldn’t have it any other way – I have an amazing sex life with a beautiful and naughty girlfriend, but without all of the associated daily rigmarole.

This upcoming week is going to be awesome, the two of us not having to be careful when we’re out and about, being able to do as we please – hold hands, kiss, fuck wherever and whenever – what more could a man ask for?!

Chris and Hannah have offered sneak previews of her extensive packing, with no less than seven different Wicked Weasel bikinis and seven different anklets for seven days – let’s just say I’m most definitely in for a fashion show of the very finest kind 😈 Considering Chris’s attention to naughty detail I’ve no doubt there will also be plenty of filthy surprises too!

I’ll leave it there, no doubt Chris will be posting plenty of updates next week!


HotWife Holiday Prologue Part Two – Chris’s Perspective

Well, where do I start in giving my perspective on next week’s activities?

Much of the background behind the idea of Hannah and her boyfriend going away on holiday together was covered in our previous writings here; in essence, it’s something we had talked about a fair amount during our lovemaking last year, and was an incredibly hot “fantasy” that we both very much enjoyed. At New Year we normally draw up our respective naughty wish lists and the concept of a HotWife holiday for just Hannah and her lover was pretty much at the top of my list – in many ways it’s the pinnacle of the shared wife lifestyle, and something we were both extremely keen to fulfil.

Naturally we live in strange times at present with the Coronavirus pandemic, and as Hannah explained yesterday this resulted in us needing to re-book the trip back in June, but now in September we are only three days away and to say all three of us are beyond excited would be an understatement.

As I’ve written many times before, both here and on our Twitter feed, on balance a significant majority of those who don’t necessarily understand our particular dynamic automatically presume that having one’s wife go away for a week with her boyfriend would be something that I face with trepidation or even humiliation; many ask about how I will “cope”, as if the forthcoming week is some kind of ordeal – this simply couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hannah and I are husband and wife, deeply in love, deeply connected, deeply trusting – the fact that she has a handsome young steady boyfriend and has been in a steady relationship with him for over a year is something to celebrate.

Hannah is a pure HotWife, and we both revel in the delights of sharing her, and her freedom to gain infinite pleasure. The simple act of sharing my darling wife has brought us so much closer and more deeply in love than we could have imagined, and this trip will really be the icing on an already elaborately decorated cake!

I now try to put myself in the shoes of others and wonder what questions they may have (apart from those alluded to above regarding “coping”!) I’m guessing many would ask what I will be doing whilst Hannah is well over a thousand miles away in the sun with her incredibly well-endowed boyfriend, so I will try to address this first.

Having a reasonable amount of annual leave left to take, I’ve also booked next week off from work, including the day after Hannah gets back so we can chill out together. I’ve done this for a few reasons, one being that I will of course be solely responsible for childcare whilst she’s away, but also for the fact that it’s rather indulgent to have relaxing “me time” during which I can enjoy visiting the gym, chilling out in front of the TV and relaxing however I wish after what has been an incredibly busy time at work over the last 18 months or so. It will also enable me to fully enjoy Hannah’s trip vicariously without the potential stresses of work clouding my mind. No doubt there will be a steady stream of photos, videos and FaceTime calls from them both, so it will be indulgent to have the time away from work tasks to fully enjoy these and post updates to our Twitter feed.

Do I have any concerns about the trip? The short answer is no, why would I? Naturally with the present pandemic, there are concerns around the often rapidly changing travel requirements, but these would be classified as baseline concerns that would apply if we were going away as a family on a “normal” trip. With regards to concerns associated with my wife going away with her boyfriend, there really are none – the three of us share a wonderful dynamic, he’s a fantastic guy who makes my wife (and indeed both of us) wonderfully happy. I know she’s in incredibly safe and caring hands, and moreover I know he will royally fuck her so many times during the trip she will barely be able to walk when she gets home, and she will return sore, satisfied and no doubt with cum stained panties – now that’s a selling point if ever I heard one 😈♠️💦

Will I miss Hannah? Of course! She’s my wife, partner, lover, best friend, soul mate and the mother of our child, of course I’ll miss her! However, we’re not always joined at the hip and this certainly wouldn’t be the first time we’ve spent time apart or indeed holidayed separately due to family commitments, work travel etc. It is 2021, and with easy electronic/voice communications we will be regularly in touch – but crucially on this front, this is all about her and her boyfriend having a trip together as a proper couple, enjoying a whole week where nobody knows them and being free to act however they choose, and naturally there’s the desire from my side that they are free to revel in this without constant interruption. Hannah is a shared wife, and I am sharing her in the fullest sense next week 💖

Do I think at this stage, pre-trip, that this might become a regular thing? Of course, I’ve no doubt that it will be a wonderful experience for all three of us, and if the opportunity arises again (which I have no doubt it will) then bring it on! We maintain a fabulous balance in our lives with family, 1:1 and HotWife time, with none detracting from the other. In a normal week, we typically have a full threesome evening, a quickie “top up” visit from her boyfriend, and she stays over at his house one night a week – this way (including the morning after an overnight), Hannah sees him four days a week (and, excitedly, barely goes a day without having the combination of his and my cum inside her). None of this disturbs the balance of our conventional married family life, so there is always space for Hannah and her boyfriend to enjoy the odd long weekend or week’s holiday away together.

What is occupying my thoughts the most in these final few days before the trip? I would say, predominantly, its sheer excitement and this applies to all three of us. It’s an incredibly exciting and naughty activity that the vast majority of “normal” people would fail to comprehend. I’m eagerly looking forward to dropping her off at the airport, and then for the photo updates as they enjoy their holiday, and of course our relaxing day together alone when she’s back.

Of equal magnitude, my thoughts are occupied with packing arrangements; as Hannah mentioned in her post yesterday, we have plenty of new outfits and anklets for her to wear, so the next few evenings will be filled with excitedly choosing what to pack. The wonderful folks at SexyJewelsUK have been so incredibly kind in supplying some delightfully naughty new Queen of Spades anklets that will no doubt feature highly in the holiday album ♠️😉

What am I most looking forward to doing when Hannah returns? Well, firstly of course, seeing my wife and sharing family time, but also we will have some serious sensual time to catch up on as she regales her adventures! On the latter front, as Hannah mentioned, we have the serious business of me taking her over my knee for a sound spanking for being such a naughty wayward wife – she will be keeping a tally of how many times he cums deep in her smooth pink pussy during the trip, and for every time this happens she will receive one hard spank after the warmup; this is something we do on a regular basis, Hannah often goes over my knee for a maintenance spanking and normally has a “month end” harder spanking for being such a slut for her boyfriend’s bare black cock!

Let’s just say, with seven nights together and his propensity for repeatedly filling Hannah with his hot black seed, the tally is going to be quite spectacular, and my naughty wife will have an extremely pink and uncomfortable bottom – deservedly so!

I’ll sign off the post now, naturally I could go on as this is the pinnacle of our HotWifing life to date, but I’ll leave this to the next post that is currently being written by her boyfriend to offer his holiday prologue perspective, hopefully to be published tomorrow!


HotWife Holiday Prologue Part One – Hannah’s Perspective

Hannah and her boyfriend are off on holiday in a few short days time for a week abroad in the sun together. In the run up to this, we’re writing a three part blog to encompass each of our thoughts about this incredibly exciting step in our HotWife adventures. As ever, we update daily on our Twitter feed so please do take a look! In this first post, Hannah takes authorship but over the next few days her boyfriend and I will add our own personal perspectives.

Our last blog post detailed plans for their trip, predominantly how the coronavirus pandemic threw a number of spanners in the works and what the three of us did instead that week to celebrate their first year anniversary as a girlfriend:boyfriend couple. I’ll leave it to Hannah now as she writes about their forthcoming trip!

When Chris first suggested myself and my boyfriend going abroad together on holiday this summer, of course I was incredibly excited at the prospect but didn’t quite believe we would manage to make it a reality. After much shopping around for all-inclusive adults only resorts, once Chris and I hit the “Book This Holiday” icon, I realised it was actually going to happen! It now seems an age since we booked earlier in the year; due to the Covid-19 pandemic we were forced to reschedule from the originally planned June date (which coincided nicely with mine and my boyfriend’s first anniversary) but now we only have a few short days to go and are all super excited 😊😊😊

In many ways, I don’t think the fact that I’m going away with my long term boyfriend still hasn’t completely sunk in. Leaving my husband and child for a week whilst I go away and have on tap sex all week with my gorgeous black boyfriend – whenever, wherever and however I want, is a deliciously decadent thought. Not even my closest friends know, and this in itself makes the whole caper all the more exciting – we’ve no doubt they wouldn’t understand the wonderful dynamic that Chris and I are so blessed to share (mixed in with a healthy dose of envy at the incredible amount of sex I get haha 😈).

One of the things I’m looking forward to the most is travelling as a couple to a country where nobody knows us and we can do whatever we wish, engaging in normal couple holiday activities (plus, of course, all the naughty stuff!) A married woman going away with her young, single lover to do with as I please – oh my goodness, the options are endless.

Last Summer my boyfriend and I went away for a city break weekend, but the prospect of an entire week together at an all-inclusive resort is nothing short of wonderful, let’s say a great deal of cocktails will be drank! As with our regular overnight dates where I’m always in touch with Chris over WhatsApp and FaceTime, let’s just say a steady stream of photos and videos will be flowing back to the UK 😉

Chris has purchased an enviable new wardrobe of my/our favourite Wicked Weasel bikinis for the holiday that I’m hoping my boyfriend will like and won’t be able to take his hands off me 😈. Added to that, I have a gorgeous collection of naughty new HotWife anklets from SexyJewelsUK that will look utterly amazing💖

After only just returning from our family holiday and unpacking yesterday, a whole new task of packing starts this evening and may very well be a momentous task to collate beachwear, casual wear, evening wear and of course bedroom wear, but it’s all part of the excitement for Chris and I 😊

We’ve promised to keep a full tally of how many times my boyfriend cums inside me and I’ll be getting one hard spank for each creampie on my return home – I think I’m going to have a very pink bottom!!!!

Whilst writing this, my mind wanders to what we will get up to on the first day of the trip, so I’ve penned a little starter scenario to share!

We arrive at the hotel, check in and begin the journey up to our room for the week. We step into the lift and it all starts. Masks removed and we passionately kiss, I feel the unmistakable pressure of his cock on my leg as he starts to get excited at the very thought of what will happen the moment we step through the bedroom door.

The door clicks open and in we go. Bags are quickly dropped and the crisp white linen on the bed suddenly become very inviting. He spins me round and we kiss more as his hands start to wander and find their way into my shorts. My Wicked Weasel panties already damp from excitement, I feel myself getting wetter still. My hands begin to fondle his now very erect cock through the fabric of his shorts.

I swiftly fall to my knees and slide his shorts down to reveal his glorious black cock before starting to worship him with my mouth, tasting his pre-cum as he tells me how much of a naughty girl I am and how well I suck his cock. He holds my hair tight, sliding deeper into my throat and gets me into a rhythm that brings him almost to climax.

I stop, stand up and place my lips back on his in yet another passionate embrace. He removes my shorts before pulling my skimpy panties aside to slip a finger deep into my dripping wet pussy, simultaneously working my clit to heighten my senses.

Turning me around and pushing me down onto the bed, he utters an all too common command for me to “assume your position”. This is a prompt for me to lay on the bed face down, my ass propped up by pillows under my hips so he can have full and unfettered access to my tight pussy and pound me until I scream. Slowly at first, his bare black cock slides into me and I stretch to accommodate him like so very many times before until he is fully inside me, his heavy balls are resting against my smooth labia; using my vibe I’m already in sexual heaven and this is barely the first hour of our holiday together and the first of so many fucks that are ahead of us.

He soon begins to royally own my married pussy, fucking me hard and fast for what feels like forever, before grabbing my hips hard and exploding deep inside me as his hot seed pulsates within me. After a few moments he pulls out and we embrace on the bed in a sensual hug as his cum slowly trickles out into my panties – we grab my phone and Chris is the first to see the results of our sexual union.

The first of oh so many sessions…

Hannah 💋XxX

A cancelled holiday & what we did to make up for it 😈 (AKA “a naughty week in the life of Ride & Vibe!)

Rather a long and photo-heavy blog post this time folks!

So, we normally draw up New Year naughty wish lists and NYE 2020/21 was no different. One of the main wishes of mine (but wholeheartedly shared by Hannah!) was for Hannah and her boyfriend to go away on holiday together in the Summer.

Come late January/early February, after much shopping around and working on dates, the three of us booked a week away for the naughty couple to coincide exactly with their one year anniversary – simply perfect timing. Naturally the Coronavirus pandemic introduced rather a large element of doubt over the feasibility of the trip, but we were all keen to take the gamble and were well insured.

Both as a threesome during our regular MMF dates and also when Hannah and I played together alone, the upcoming trip and their naughty plans were the source of much naughty talk. £500 plus of new Wicked Weasel bikinis purchased, delivered, tried on and put away plus lots of other new summery clothes – oh, and of course some lovely new Sexy Jewels UK anklets so Hannah could have a different one for every day of the week.

Come 21st of May, the UK government were set to announce the holiday travel destinations that were going to be on the “green list”, so naturally we had everything crossed. News articles suggested their chosen destination would be green, but sadly it wasn’t to be 😢

Have no fear, the very same all inclusive hotel was rebooked in pretty quick order for September in the hopes of the Covid-19 situation being better by then; but this left us with thoughts of how to celebrate Hannah’s first year of having a steady boyfriend as a fully fledged Hotwife.

Let’s just flash back now, imagine the wavy, dreamy transition lines flooding through the blog text (!), way back to the halcyon days of June 2020 when we formed a support bubble (fully legal under the UK Government framework) with Hannah’s lover of the time. Who would have guessed that this series of WhatsApp messages from her overnight date would result in a wonderful relationship between all three of us?

So, well, since that time they’ve been in a relationship for a year, with pretty much all of our activities are detailed on our Twitter feed.

So in the absence of a week away, we decided to go for as many sessions as possible (work and normal life permitting of course!) This started with Hannah having an overnight date on the Friday night, which naturally blended seamlessly into more fun on Saturday morning (the actual day of their anniversary)

Friday night
Saturday morning

On Sunday we had a lovely family day, but Hannah wore her everyday (non Queen of Spades) anklet all day as a reminder of how much of a naughty girl she is 😈

Lovely family day out, with a reminder of naughtiness

Come Monday, Hannah spent most of the day at his house on her day off…

Monday date prep
Some of the action, thanks to Hannah’s boyfriend
The final deep creampie of the date
Hannah’s messy panties when she got home

Then on Tuesday evening he came round for chilled out drinks in garden and a couple of fucks…

How it started, during garden drinks
How it ended on the sofa!

The following evening (Wednesday) we had our standard weekly MMF…

MMF pre-date photoshoot
A snippet of the action 😈

Then on Thursday Hannah and her boyfriend had another overnight date…

Overnight date travel panties
Pre-fuck photoshoot at his house
Some of that evening’s fun

…which naturally merged nicely into a Friday morning/afternoon continual session 😈

Friday morning

This culminated in the final boyfriend fuck and creampie of a very busy week, which Hannah naturally brought home, leaking into her Wicked Weasel panties…

The last fuck & creampie

Well, not quite as good as a week away together in the sun, but even whilst writing this post and recalling all of our activities as we lie in bed writing this together, we think it’s a pretty solid effort! Sadly we didn’t keep a tally of how many fucks (between myself and Hannah’s boyfriend) but would have to estimate it at around 22 creampies, with a good few oral cum sessions too. That’s a guesstimate, certainly very close to 25 times 😈💖😈

We’ve no doubt whatsoever that their holiday week, when it happens, will be even busier than that – perhaps we should run a sweepstake with a prize for guessing how many times Hannah’s boyfriend cums deep in her married pussy with seven nights away? Answers on a postcard folks 😈♠️💦💦💦👸🏼🔥

Chris & Hannah XxX

Hannah’s intimate tattoos

Regular readers of our blog, and followers of our Twitter feed will no doubt have seen that Hannah almost always sports a tattoo on her pussy when she’s being naughty, whether that’s on her own with her boyfriend, or when we have a threesome date or other hotwife activities.

We’re both massive fans of the Queen of Spades tattoo (or others) in that location, and it makes for some quite stunning images that we love to share; it also catalyses quite a few comments and questions on Twitter, so we thought it might make for an interesting short blog post.  Let’s dive in and answer some of the more common questions we’ve been asked: 

“Is Hannah’s tattoo real/permanent?” 

The answer is no, whilst I (Chris) have a few small tattoos, Hannah has none on her porcelain white skin, and no piercings either.  We tend to use temporary water transfer tattoos, or semi-permanent options.  Often in our images, the transfer tattoos can look very realistic, but depending upon the exact placement (and the degree of sexual friction) they tend to wear off, sometimes quite quickly (see below!) The semi-permanent options look exactly like a real tattoo, and can last a week or so before fading away. 

“Would Hannah get a real tattoo?” 

The concept of a permanent Queen of Spades tattoo is of course incredibly hot, so answer is yes, she/we have certainly considered this, selected the exact design, and indeed even been to the level of having a tattoo appointment booked immediately prior to the first Covid lockdown (which was cancelled due to the restrictions), but the true and honest answer is that we currently both prefer and enjoy the flexibility of temporary options as it fits our lifestyle far better; this is for a few reasons.   

Firstly, having an inquisitive younger child in the house, who quite often sees both of us in varying states of undress when getting ready, showering, swimming etc., a permanent tattoo on mummy’s pussy would raise significant questions – indeed on the occasions Hannah has a semi-permanent tattoo in place (that lasts around a week or more), this has definitely been brought up.  As our child gets older, this would more than likely cause a potential issue.  The separation of our normal lives from our naughty lives, particularly in connection with our child, is naturally of absolute key importance, and we feel that this would represent an unacceptable risk.  Also, foreseeing those other instances where family or friends might end up seeing the tattoo (not directly, but through a bikini perhaps) adds further risk, or would impose certain restrictions on her choice of attire.  Choosing a bikini is hard enough without the added stage gate of “will my tattoo show through it?” Whilst Hannah’s normal swimwear isn’t as revealing as the lingerie shown below, it illustrates the point on potential visibility:

Secondly, whilst Hannah’s desires and appetite for sex with black men is unwavering and permanent, a tattoo is of course a mark upon one’s skin that lasts forever – tastes do change, and having a tattoo in such an intimate location might appeal to us now, but perhaps not so much in years to come.  There are some that question the dedication of hotwives who only use temporary tattoos – we do get that perspective, but rest assured, Hannah’s commitment to the cause is exemplary and longstanding, regardless of the temporary nature of her tattoo haha! 

Thirdly, Hannah has sessions of laser/IPL hair removal on her genital region and the last thing we would want is for a new tattoo to be prematurely faded by the application of high intensity light.  Hair removal sessions have been paused at the moment due to salons being closed during the coronavirus pandemic, but we also have a home based IPL unit that we use often, so until she’s completely hair free this puts a pause on things. 

We do regularly discuss how hot it would be for Hannah to have a permanent QOS tattoo there, particularly during fucking and talking about recent dates etc., so this situation might change at some point in future, but for now it’s the temporary versions for us! 


“If Hannah got a real tattoo, what would it be and where would it be located?” 

That’s easy – Queen of Spades, immediately above her pussy.  The specific design has gone through many iterations, but the overall theme and location remain the same. 


“Where do you buy your temporary tattoos from?” 

We normally purchase both our QOS and threesome water transfer tattoos from one particular seller on eBay; we’ve tried quite a few different suppliers but are happy to share that those offered by Kikichelle are the best quality (no connection whatsoever, just extremely happy repeat customers).  They are UK based, and always deliver in super quick time.  We tend to use around three a week, so get through them quite quickly! 

The semi-permanent tattoos we use are from inkbox in the USA, and they truly look identical to real ink for around a week before they start to fade.  We make use of the custom tattoo design option on the inkbox website, whereby one can upload your own artwork onto a chosen size square area; from experience, we know that it’s possible to have multiple identical tattoos within the square and then carefully cut the packs to allow individual applications – happy to address any queries folk may have, and we’re certainly in no way connected to inkbox. 

The product consists of what looks like a surgical dressing film with only the vaguest outline of the design visible. One applies this film to the chosen location after cleaning the skin and then leave it on for an hour before removing and discarding, then the tattoo itself develops within around 12-24 hours and lasts a week to ten days regardless of how energetic the fucking may be!  We’ve included some photos below of the process:

1. First application (cut from a larger sheet of multiple tattoos):2. Protective cover applied for the 1 hour initial application:

3. Chilling during the hour long stage, avoiding any unnecessary movement that might blur the tattoo:

4. What it looks like after removing the film, before the tattoo has developed:

5. The result from the next morning, dark and identical to “real” ink:

This does mean that a degree of planning before a date is required; for Hannah and her boyfriend’s holiday in the summer (Covid permitting), she will no doubt have an inkbox tattoo.  One thing to be very careful of is to ensure you have a covering over the tattoo as it develops (panties in Hannah’s case for the location) – the first time we used one, it ended up transferring to her inner thigh whilst she was asleep, as you can see below!

 The final result is really quite striking:

“How do you both choose which temporary tattoo Hannah wears?” 

For most of our regular weekly MMF dates, Hannah will normally wear a threesome tattoo with the female and two male symbol intertwined:

…but for solo dates or club nights etc. it’s more often than not the plain and striking Queen of Spades logo; akin to the wearing of an anklet (as we discussed in our last blog post), Hannah adorning herself with a pussy tattoo (or me applying it for her) whilst she prepares for a date adds to the magic and focussing our minds onto the fact that she’s going to be a very naughty girl. 

Due to the much higher cost of the inkbox option, this tends to be for more “special” occasions, and indeed ones when we can take the time to plan in advance; sometimes her boyfriend’s shift pattern/overtime changes with little notice, so it wouldn’t be possible to apply an inkbox tattoo in time, and also there’s the issue that we’ve discussed earlier in that removal of the tattoo completely after the date (very easy with the water transfers) tends to work best for us. 

We hope that’s been interesting and useful, and indeed addressed most of the common questions we get on the subject of pussy tattoos – more than happy to answer more on Twitter if they come up! 

Best wishes, 

Chris and Hannah XxX 

Our hotwife “rules” and the mystical magic of the hotwife anklet

A brief blog from us today, mainly because we’re conscious of not having written anything for a couple of months (sorry!) so we wanted to share at least something! We will try to make amends and post more frequently this year (and are more than open to helpful suggestions for topics to address), but as always our Twitter feed is updated on an almost daily basis. Please do leave us a comment there with anything you’re curious about.

Today our thoughts turn to hotwifing rules, or perhaps more accurately the lack of these in our particular relationship! For anyone entering or even considering entering this kind of wonderful lifestyle, naturally the most important foundation is a good level of communication with your partner from the very outset. This can, of course, be a monumental challenge if such an activity represents a stellar step change from a conventional and faithful monogamist start point; we spoke about this subject a great deal in our Keys & Anklets podcast interview with the wonderful Michael C, so please do take a listen and also consider subscribing to support his work – we do, and that’s from a completely unbiased perspective, he’s a true gentleman and a gift to the community who helped us immensely in our journey.

After finally opening up to your partner that you would like to share them sexually, the very next thing to address is the subject of “rules”, both from the perspective of your loved one’s health, safety and mental wellbeing, but also that same mental wellbeing as applied to you being the sharer, namely what would you be comfortable with, and what would you most definitely not be comfortable with your partner doing with another person.

It’s worth noting again at this juncture, that we have the polar opposite of a cuckold relationship, therefore upset, humiliation, or uncomfortable feelings on either side are of zero interest to us. Compersion, namely the vicarious joy associated with seeing one’s partner have joyful sexual relations with others, is the key foundation to all of our naughty activities. We never knock that particular kink, but it’s just of no interest to us whatsoever.

Aside from the obvious safety aspects such as good communication during a date, safe sex, emergency protocols etc. (that we won’t go into as those are confidential and private between us), common rules within the hotwifing community that we have seen include:

• No kissing

• No post-sex cuddling

•No overnight stays

•No relationship building

Naturally we understand how some couples would wish to apply any or all of these principles or rules in order to protect what is undeniably the most vital thing – the loving relationship between man and wife, but right from the outset of our activities these constraints simply haven’t applied to us.

If Hannah was going to fuck another man (as of course she has done with my blessing and encouragement, many many times!) then the thought of imposing a no kissing and cuddling rule was completely nonsensical to us, and barring her the pleasure of an overnight stay (and, by association, my additional pleasure from this) would never have crossed our minds.

From our standpoint, Hannah is fucking other men, she isn’t making love to them, so the connection of two sets of genitals or a mouth to genitals is absolutely no different in our eyes to the connection of two pairs of lips and two tongues together in passionate kissing. Also, who the heck doesn’t like to cuddle after sex?! It’s a natural and enjoyable post-coital reaction, and it would almost be downright rude and awkward in our book not to!

As for relationships, well, good sex develops so much further with someone you know, and of course Hannah has a steady boyfriend – the sex, and indeed the relationship between all three of us gets better each and every single day.

So, we come down to our personal rules – as you’re probably aware if you follow our Twitter posts, Hannah has been the proud owner of an open ended hall pass for over a year now, that gives her outright permission to be a thoroughly naughty girl however and whenever she chooses, it’s even laminated and permanently sits in her purse!

Apart from the foundations of good communication and ensuring that she is safe and happy on a date, we only really have rules to speak of, both of which are completely non-onerous:

1. Be a very naughty girl

2. Always wear an anklet when being naughty

…pretty simple really! Being a highly sexual creature and naturally naughty girl, rule one isn’t hard for Hannah, and she also knows that she goes over my knee for a sound spanking when she’s been especially bad.

For rule two, as an aside, whenever she has a date planned she will always ask if that’s okay with me – the answer is basically always yes, she doesn’t have to ask, but it’s kinda cute and hot that she asks for permission (quite often I remind her to check her hall pass for the answer!)

Anyhow, I digress – on the day of a date, she will always pop an anklet on first thing after her shower as part of her warmup, more often than not a delicate “everyday” anklet, and sends me a photo of herself wearing it, which excites us both no end.

As she gets ready for the date itself later in the day, this is then exchanged for a more overtly naughty/slutty anklet such as one of her many Queen of Spades charm ones. If I’m helping her get ready and taking pre-date photos then I will normally pop the anklet on for her, this is always an exciting act for both of us as it becomes symbolic of me giving my permission for her to be naughty all over again (and no, for those cuckold fantasy projectionists, this is not a submissive act thank you very much!)

It’s funny how the thought, or sight, of Hannah wearing a chain around her right ankle elicits such powerfully arousing thoughts in both of us, almost like a magic charm; to quote Hannah in this respect:

“Even when reaching into the drawer to pick out an anklet for the day, or one for when I’m getting ready for an MMF or 1:1 date with my boyfriend, it just makes me feel so downright badass and super naughty. I love how me showing it off to Chris excites him and we both thrive on it, there’s just something so incredible about that little chain! It’s become such a symbol both for our ever deepening love, but also for how naughty Chris lets me be – we both adore it!”

So, as “rules” go, having to wear a simple chain around her ankle is a pretty easy one to comply with, and one that we would never ever break from.

As we’ve shared on Twitter, pandemic travel situation permitting, Hannah and her boyfriend are booked to go on holiday together for a week in the Summer, so that will mean an entire week of anklet wearing, especially in combination with summery clothes and bikinis on the beach and by the pool (queue me shopping for some nice new designs to add some variety) 💖

A few people have asked on Twitter whether anyone has ever noticed and commented on her anklet in public – the answer is no, or rather that they may have noticed it but made no comment. Those of us in the lifestyle are undoubtedly more acutely aware of the possible connotations of anklet wearing, but it’s more than likely the vast majority of people would make no association to the naughtiness it means to some of us, or at least would be polite and reserved enough not to walk up and mention it!

Well, that ended up being slightly less brief than I initially thought it might be, I hope this has been an interesting insight into our particular hotwife relationship and the fact that you’ll never see Hannah being naughty in our posts without that little chain around her right ankle.

Chris & Hannah xx

Part 1.: A slightly different (but insanely hot) MMF date night dynamic

As regular followers of our Twitter feed will know, a common theme that appears in almost all of our MMF threesome dates is that Hannah is blindfolded.  This started with our first ever forays into the hotwife lifestyle (in the first instance to give an element of confidence and surprise to a very nervous Hannah), and is something we both very much enjoy.  Her senses are heightened, and even though she knows her boyfriend inside out, the element of surprise at his first kiss, first touch, is electric. 

A few weeks ago during a threesome date, whilst removing her blindfold and being blinded by the bedroom lights, Hannah suggested that I should be blindfolded for one of our MMF dates as a role reversal of sorts.  We knew we had a combined MMF and overnight date coming up yesterday, so we decided to go for it.  Naturally, as is our want, we discussed quite a few elements but I also left a lot to Hannah’s deviously naughty imagination so that things would come as a surprise. 

Our date preparation is pretty much a well-oiled machine now; on the evening before I tend to give Hannah a manicure and pedicure, then on the night she bathes and shaves, I then finish up by making sure she’s ultra-smooth (particularly around her rosebud, as this is often difficult to get just so!), and apply her tattoo – on this occasion the threesome symbol.  She then gets dressed and applies makeup and we do our pre-date photoshoot.  This is more often than not followed by a flurry of activity with photo editing, hair straightening etc. as her boyfriend is due to arrive; no matter how organised we’ve been, those last minutes are often anything but relaxing! 

Last night deviated slightly from this routine, in that Hannah and her boyfriend were going to start alone together downstairs, with me waiting in the bedroom, so after the photoshoot I had plenty of time on my hands to play with the images! 

As time approached his arrival, after a last kiss and cuddle, Hannah went downstairs and I chilled out with a glass of wine and the tail end of a Netflix episode; ten minutes or so later there was the sound of the front door opening and naturally I knew what the typical progression of events would be! 

Barely five minutes later, I could just about hear the signature sounds of naughty activity, and my whatsapp pinged with the following image: 

Those sounds intensified, and Hannah, who can be very vocal when she’s cumming, was obviously experiencing significant pleasure.  Whilst I’m naturally very accustomed to her having fun on her own, this was indeed very hot to experience from not so far away. 

Things quietened down, and then, around 20 minutes after he had arrived, a two minute warning text popped up from Hannah, so I finished my wine and slipped on my blindfold before relaxing down onto the bed awaiting them to come upstairs. 

We have hard floors throughout our ground floor, so the first thing I heard was the signature clicking of Hannah’s stripper heels, before the creaking of the stairs, signalling mere moments until their arrival in the bedroom. 

The door opened, and not a word was spoken.  In my blindfolded state, I could obviously hear signs of movement but at that point couldn’t make out if it was just Hannah or the two of them.  I sensed her approaching my side of the bed, but was of course unable to see anything as the blindfold sleep mask truly blocks out 100% of the light. 

Hannah moved to the bed, and straddled me; I kept my hands to the side to allow her to move over me unhindered and let her do what she wished.  She shuffled up and knelt aside my head, and immediately I caught the familiar and deeply arousing scent of recent sex on her.   

Her first words after entering the room:

“I’ve been a very naughty girl” 

Moments after uttering that sentence, she grazed the crotch of her satin corset body above my face and I could feel and smell that it was moist with his fresh seed; her pussy still covered by her lingerie, she rested gently on my mouth so I could kiss her freshly fucked pussy through the moist fabric as I ran my hands up her corset and teased her nipples. 

After a short while, her hand reached down and pulled the fabric to one side and allowed my eager tongue to first tease her very erect clit, before dancing lower to release drips of his cum from her very recently fucked pussy; the bunched crotch fabric to the side also being a source of cum that had leaked out whilst she had ascended the stairs. 

Pulling her hard onto my face, I devoured her cunt, savouring that familiar and exquisite delight of the culmination of bareback fucking.  Still on the assumption that she had come up alone at first, as I ran my hands up her body again and felt her movement change, I noted that her boyfriend must now be standing at the side of the bed, and Hannah was obviously savouring the delights of his cock. 

Bringing her to orgasm as she busied herself gorging on him, I was still alternating between her clit and delving my tongue as deep inside her as possible to savour every single drop.  Hannah’s movements and sounds intensified, as did his breathing, and the unmistakable (but always quiet!) sounds of him cumming filled the air. 

Hannah paused for a moment, and I heard him step away. 

Her position changed, as she slipped down my body to reach in for a deep and passionate kiss – her mouth full from his second cum of the evening, impressively soon after planting his first load of hot seed deep in her married pussy.  Our tongues danced with the sweet salty fluid until there was none left beyond traces on our lips. 

Altering her position again, she mounted my naturally erect cock, slipping so easily into her slick pussy, and began her most favourite of activities of riding with the aid of her WeVibe Tango vibrator. 

Squirting orgasms followed, resulting in us both being drenched, and Hannah eventually brought me to my own first orgasm of the night deep inside her, followed again by slumping into passionate kisses as my pulsating subsided. 

As she rose off me, quick as a flash she shuffled back up my body and planted herself back on my face, dripping wet with both her own squirt juices and my own fresh cum.  I devoured her for the second time of the evening, from her clit to her divine asshole, greedily lapping the fruits of our combined desire – the third load of cum I had swallowed that evening, and all within under an hour of his arrival. 

Things then morphed into a pretty standard MMF date for us, although on this occasion it was my turn to be utterly blinded by the bedroom lights as we drank wine and ate chocolate (Hannah is a chocolate fiend when she’s being fucked, gotta keep those energy levels up!) Hannah’s lingerie was soaking, so this was soon removed, along with her heels, leaving her in stockings alone (and of course her omnipresent Queen of Spades anklet).

Both of us came again inside her in the subsequent fun, and then as they cuddled at the end of the session I took these photos, whilst simultaneously greedily worshipping her ass and pussy once more before we headed downstairs. 

As her boyfriend’s shift patterns have altered temporarily, we don’t have the luxury at present of separate MMF and overnight date nights, so akin to last week they left together to then spend the night together and I will pick her up just after lunch today for yet more fun together before “normal” family life resumes. I have no doubt that as soon as I get her home, I’ll again be pulling her cumstained panties to one side and gorging on her recently fucked pussy 😈

God we love our life right now! 


Thoughts on being a spanked hotwife, by Hannah xx

Well this is rather new to me as I don’t normally write for our blog (sorry!!) Chris has asked me to pen a few words on a subject of my choice, and seeing as we have something planned for tomorrow night along these lines it seemed pertinent. Apologies if I’m not quite the wordsmith that Chris is, I hope this is of interest xx

One element of our sexual play that has endured right from the start of our relationship is spanking. Before I met Chris, I have to admit that I’d never been spanked before by any sexual partner, but this certainly changed in the very early stages of our relationship (actually within only a few dates) and it’s something we do both very much enjoy. Below are some very dated Polaroids from our very early days together, showing preparation for “spanking night”!

Neither of us recall quite how this began, but it goes without saying that Chris was the one who corrupted me as I’m sweet and innocent (or perhaps was haha!) Whilst sexual appetite naturally ebbs and flows in any relationship, spanking has pretty much always been a staple of our bedroom activities. We’ve been through stages where it’s a regular weekly thing, or it may be as seldom as once a month, but since we started on our hotwifing journey last year it has certainly become more of a regular staple activity. In fact, on our wedding day, during the break after the wedding breakfast and the evening party, Chris and I retired to our room to “freshen up” and he took me over his knee for a sound spanking in my wedding dress, my first as his wife, so you could say it’s somewhat engrained in our relationship 😈🥰.

Whilst we often post about me being spanked on our Twitter feed, it’s worth noting that these most certainly aren’t the harsh, bringing tears to your eyes type of spankings – they are typically quite firm at crescendo, and are of course given as “punishment” for me being a naughty girl, but above all these are for our joint sensation and pleasure. My boyfriend quite often spanks me when he takes me from behind, and also it’s more often than not included in our MMF threesome dates where both he and Chris will spank me at various points.

The build-up for our 1:1 sessions normally starts during the day on WhatsApp and I’ll select an appropriate outfit that I know Chris will like, then in the evening head upstairs early to prepare, and let Chris know I’m ready to go over his knee.

As an additional element, since I’ve been in a fluid bonded relationship with my boyfriend for the past seven or eight months, Chris has given me a dedicated month end spanking that starts out as usual with a warm-up as I play with my trusty vibe, and ends with a rather specific conclusion, namely one hard spank for each time my boyfriend has cum deep inside me bare.

C will ask me to keep some kind of a count of how many hard spanks are due that month, and to tell him when I’m over his knee – to be honest, with regular 1:1 dates and MMF sessions it ends up being quite a high number and probably somewhat inaccurate (we both try to keep count), but it makes us both happy! Needless to say, I end up with a nicely glowing pink bottom for photos after the event. I suppose these would be classified as maintenance spankings to be honest, it’s not like Chris is properly punishing me for being naughty (he’s of course massively supportive of such naughtiness), but they do form a nice excuse for me to go over his knee for such an intimate act.

During our MMF dates, the two of them will often sit side by side on the bed so I can go over Chris’s knee for a spanking whilst I suck my boyfriend’s cock – this works out very well for us, and normally then ends up with my boyfriend coming up behind me and sliding inside me as C continues to spank my bottom.

In order to help me a little with writing this article (be gentle, it’s my first time!), Chris sent me a few questions by text, so I’ll post these and my answers here:

Q. How do you feel when you know you’re going to get a spanking, and when I take you over my knee?

A. I do feel like a naughty girl when I’m being spanked, and I love that; I think about times playing with my boyfriend as you punish my bare bottom, thoughts of what I’ve done to deserve this, his multiple cums inside my married pussy with your consent, and I do feel very slutty.  In short it makes me feel very naughty and incredibly aroused. It’s a highly sexual feeling, but also comforting if that makes sense – above all, I adore being treated like your naughty princess xxx

Q. What’s your favourite position?  Would you like to explore different options than simple over the knee?

A. Of course I like to be laid across your lap with my legs splayed, so you have good access to my bottom and I can also use my toy, I also love it when you hold my waist tight with your left arm when the spanking gets harder so I feel nicely restrained. During our MMFs, I enjoy playing with my boyfriend’s cock whilst you slap me and watch me sucking him off, again this makes me feel incredibly naughty.

Q. I know you adore your ankles being held tightly – would you like to introduce more ankle restraint during spanking to put you in the zone?

A. The cuffs we have don’t really restrain my ankles as tight as I like, but I do like the feeling of them being there. Yes, I’d like to explore this more (as we have done in the past), perhaps I could be tied to the bed but still across your lap if that would work? We have restraint points attached to the bed of course 😈

Q. How many hard spanks are you due tomorrow night young lady?

A. Honestly I’ve lost count of the number of times he came inside me in November – I guess that makes it up to you as to how bad you think I’ve been! Certainly seven from last week’s overnighter (plus one in my mouth!), so it’s got to be in the 30’s or something eek! ☺️😇 I’m going to have a very pink bottom I think!

Q. Are there any spanking fantasies you’d like to explore?

A. How about next MMF we try with me tied to the bed, blindfolded and restrained at my ankles and wrists, whilst one of you massages me and the other spanks me? He tied my wrists and spanked me during one of our very early dates (some images below 😈), so that would be hot to try as a threesome xx We watched both 50 Shades together last week during our date night, so certainly some ideas came from those films!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my first contribution to our blog, certainly a big thank you to Chris for helping with the questions and of course adding the photo/video magic! Looking forward to plenty more naughtiness in this wonderful lifestyle (and a very pink bottom tomorrow night!)

Hannah XxX