Some thoughts on Hotwife lifestyle communication, and how we run things

It goes without saying that effective communication is one the most crucial skills in life. Don’t worry, this hasn’t magically transformed into a management speak blog, but more often than not when things go wrong, whether it be in work, home, love etc., the common theme is a breakdown in communications. I’m often reminded ofContinue reading “Some thoughts on Hotwife lifestyle communication, and how we run things”

Midweek hotwifing musings – a typical week for Ride&Vibe

With work pressures now slightly less for us than they were earlier in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I find myself with a little more time to devote to this blog, so here we go with a second blog post this week! We’ve often been asked on Twitter how Hannah having a steady boyfriendContinue reading “Midweek hotwifing musings – a typical week for Ride&Vibe”

A few insights on our hotwifing dynamic

Well, what can I say other than the fact that it’s been a while since our last entry! We started this blog at the tail end of 2019 when our hotwifing adventure was still in its infancy, and then things snowballed as we embraced the lifestyle. Twitter is undoubtedly an incredible platform for sharing, andContinue reading “A few insights on our hotwifing dynamic”

Pre-date build up and preparation 💖

Ok, I’ll start by saying that for some reason our direct blog link isn’t working at the moment, but individual posts linked on our Twitter feed do work. Have contacted WordPress for help so hopefully it’ll resolve soon! So, again a post that leaps into the mid stage of our evolving Hotwife journey, please doContinue reading “Pre-date build up and preparation 💖”

That awkward second post – unreliable single guys 😂

Well, what can we say apart from “blown away” from the kind reception we’ve received on Twitter about our new profile and first blog post here on WordPress. Thank you all for your kind words, it’s been totally unexpected and really very flattering so thank you *so* very much! Ok, the difficult second post! ChrisContinue reading “That awkward second post – unreliable single guys 😂”

Our first ever blog post – Introducing Us!

We’re Hannah and Chris, a happily married mid-to-late 30’s UK couple who have recently started our journey into exploring and enjoying the Hotwife/Stag lifestyle 🥰 Well, where on Earth do I begin?! As I (Chris) sit here having just registered our WordPress site after chatting to and being inspired by the wonderful Secret Vixen blogContinue reading “Our first ever blog post – Introducing Us!”