As the holiday comes to a close, Hannah’s poolside musings

As the holiday approaches the end, I’m reminiscing on an absolutely fabulous week we’ve had in the sun together. Chris has been updating our Twitter feed throughout, so I’m sure if you follow that then you’ll have some idea of the fun we’ve been having!

From the second we arrived at the airport almost a week ago, all of our ultimate goals (of all three of us, myself, Chris and my boyfriend L) have certainly been achieved – lots of sex, cuddles, chilling, venturing out as the hottest couple at the resort, beach time, drinks and generally having a giggle. I’ve been braver than my wildest dreams in wearing my Wicked Weasel bikinis and gorgeous SexyJewels Queen of Spades anklets brazenly in public and have throughly loved every minute of it 💖

As I currently write, L is catching up on some well earned sleep, we had very little of that last night and my boy needs to recharge his batteries for later as I’m a somewhat demanding girl ♠️ 😈.

At around midnight last night we had a FaceTime with Chris whilst we role played that I had an interview for a job in the adult industry. Acting out the scenario with L as the interviewer lead into the early hours and he really put me through my paces, but nothing I couldn’t handle with ease 😉

Both my O-levels and A-levels were thoroughly tested and I passed with flying colours as ever 😈♠️💦 I’m very pleased to report that my interview was successful and I got the job. I intend to sleep once I sign off from this post as even HotWives need to boost their energy!

Feeling very content and happy to have had the opportunity to go away for a week in the sun with L, where we have utterly spoiled each other – here’s to the next one 🍾🥂😉. And as for the promised creampie tally, you’ll have to keep an eye out on Twitter – I think Chris will be making my poor tan lined bottom very pink!

What do you say about a repeat trip Chris?…….😈💋


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