HotWife Holiday D-day – some words from Hannah

So, it’s finally D-day, flying off to a paradise island in a few short hours with my long term boyfriend after so much planning and dreaming. How am I feeling you may ask….? Having done a 10k run this morning, shower, shave & semi-permanent Queen of Spades tattoos applied, nails done and all packed, I feel pumped and ready. Later, I will be pumped and ready in so many different ways 😈

Obviously I am insanely excited, but also there are the nerves of stepping onto a plane without my family. With the Covid restrictions, I’m hoping that we’ve completed all the correct forms and got the relevant documents. Once in the departure hall I’m sure all my stresses will be gone as we sit hand in hand with a glass of bubbles, waiting to board the plane.

My heart is currently banging in my chest. The thoughts of what we will be doing just a few hours and indeed days from now. Totally coupled up as boyfriend and girlfriend for a whole week and no one knows our dark secret…… ♠️💖

Hannah 💋XxX

One thought on “HotWife Holiday D-day – some words from Hannah

  1. Very exciting. Can’t wait to hear/see accounts of your holiday. I wonder how secret your “dark secret” will be! Bon voyage!


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