HotWife Holiday Prologue Part Three – Hannah’s Boyfriend, L’s Perspective

For those that follow our blog and Twitter page, you will know that Hannah and her boyfriend are jetting off abroad for a week in the sun together this weekend; in this series we have already detailed our prologue thoughts from Hannah and myself, but for the third and final instalment today, we hand over now to Hannah’s boyfriend for his perspective. A man of few words, but oh so many skills!:

Flash back to very early January this year, both Hannah and Chris had idly mentioned the possibility of her and me going away on holiday together, just the two of us – they were both keen on the idea and of course I was too, but how would we make it a reality?

Barely a week passed and, during one of our regular weekly threesomes as we all lay there on the bed, naked and utterly spent, the plan was set and we all agreed that we were going to make this happen. As one can imagine, up to this point this had been no more than flippant comments, the odd whisper on the pillow, simply a passing remark or hot chat during sessions, but it now suddenly became something very real and tangible; me and my delightful girlfriend Hannah taking a week away together abroad in the sun, how exciting!

During the next few days I was, for want of a better word, bombarded with texts and hotel screenshots from my lovely girlfriend:

How about here”, “What do you think of this one, it’s got a lovely pool”, “Look at this” etc.

I could tell she was beyond excited. Finally I said “Princess, you just find somewhere you wanna go, just tell me when, where, and how much and I’m there” and that was that. She and Chris then did all of the trawling through what seemed like hundreds of travel sites and finally clicked that “Book Holiday” button – with that, the deal was done😊💖

As touched on by both Chris and Hannah in their previous thoughts this week, we had first scheduled to go away in June for our one year anniversary, but were forced to rebook due to Covid tut tut, but fast forward from what feels like an eternity ago since the initial suggestion to today, both double jabbed, passports at the ready, bags packed, relevant forms all filled in and in less than 48 hours we’re off for our filthy week away together!

The words to express just how exciting this is frankly elude me; a week in the sun with my gorgeous girlfriend, simply and utterly perfect in so many ways.

Now for those who are not privy to the Stag/Vixen dynamic, it may very well seem like the most BIZZARRE arrangement ever, and I understand that; however for me (all of us!) it works oh so well and I really wouldn’t have it any other way – I have an amazing sex life with a beautiful and naughty girlfriend, but without all of the associated daily rigmarole.

This upcoming week is going to be awesome, the two of us not having to be careful when we’re out and about, being able to do as we please – hold hands, kiss, fuck wherever and whenever – what more could a man ask for?!

Chris and Hannah have offered sneak previews of her extensive packing, with no less than seven different Wicked Weasel bikinis and seven different anklets for seven days – let’s just say I’m most definitely in for a fashion show of the very finest kind 😈 Considering Chris’s attention to naughty detail I’ve no doubt there will also be plenty of filthy surprises too!

I’ll leave it there, no doubt Chris will be posting plenty of updates next week!


One thought on “HotWife Holiday Prologue Part Three – Hannah’s Boyfriend, L’s Perspective

  1. You ask, “What more could a man ask for?” I’ll be damned if I know! A HOT white wife all to yourself in a place with no worries about “being discovered”. Man, you are living a dream! I hope it goes on and on!

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