HotWife Holiday Prologue Part Two – Chris’s Perspective

Well, where do I start in giving my perspective on next week’s activities?

Much of the background behind the idea of Hannah and her boyfriend going away on holiday together was covered in our previous writings here; in essence, it’s something we had talked about a fair amount during our lovemaking last year, and was an incredibly hot “fantasy” that we both very much enjoyed. At New Year we normally draw up our respective naughty wish lists and the concept of a HotWife holiday for just Hannah and her lover was pretty much at the top of my list – in many ways it’s the pinnacle of the shared wife lifestyle, and something we were both extremely keen to fulfil.

Naturally we live in strange times at present with the Coronavirus pandemic, and as Hannah explained yesterday this resulted in us needing to re-book the trip back in June, but now in September we are only three days away and to say all three of us are beyond excited would be an understatement.

As I’ve written many times before, both here and on our Twitter feed, on balance a significant majority of those who don’t necessarily understand our particular dynamic automatically presume that having one’s wife go away for a week with her boyfriend would be something that I face with trepidation or even humiliation; many ask about how I will “cope”, as if the forthcoming week is some kind of ordeal – this simply couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hannah and I are husband and wife, deeply in love, deeply connected, deeply trusting – the fact that she has a handsome young steady boyfriend and has been in a steady relationship with him for over a year is something to celebrate.

Hannah is a pure HotWife, and we both revel in the delights of sharing her, and her freedom to gain infinite pleasure. The simple act of sharing my darling wife has brought us so much closer and more deeply in love than we could have imagined, and this trip will really be the icing on an already elaborately decorated cake!

I now try to put myself in the shoes of others and wonder what questions they may have (apart from those alluded to above regarding “coping”!) I’m guessing many would ask what I will be doing whilst Hannah is well over a thousand miles away in the sun with her incredibly well-endowed boyfriend, so I will try to address this first.

Having a reasonable amount of annual leave left to take, I’ve also booked next week off from work, including the day after Hannah gets back so we can chill out together. I’ve done this for a few reasons, one being that I will of course be solely responsible for childcare whilst she’s away, but also for the fact that it’s rather indulgent to have relaxing “me time” during which I can enjoy visiting the gym, chilling out in front of the TV and relaxing however I wish after what has been an incredibly busy time at work over the last 18 months or so. It will also enable me to fully enjoy Hannah’s trip vicariously without the potential stresses of work clouding my mind. No doubt there will be a steady stream of photos, videos and FaceTime calls from them both, so it will be indulgent to have the time away from work tasks to fully enjoy these and post updates to our Twitter feed.

Do I have any concerns about the trip? The short answer is no, why would I? Naturally with the present pandemic, there are concerns around the often rapidly changing travel requirements, but these would be classified as baseline concerns that would apply if we were going away as a family on a “normal” trip. With regards to concerns associated with my wife going away with her boyfriend, there really are none – the three of us share a wonderful dynamic, he’s a fantastic guy who makes my wife (and indeed both of us) wonderfully happy. I know she’s in incredibly safe and caring hands, and moreover I know he will royally fuck her so many times during the trip she will barely be able to walk when she gets home, and she will return sore, satisfied and no doubt with cum stained panties – now that’s a selling point if ever I heard one 😈♠️💦

Will I miss Hannah? Of course! She’s my wife, partner, lover, best friend, soul mate and the mother of our child, of course I’ll miss her! However, we’re not always joined at the hip and this certainly wouldn’t be the first time we’ve spent time apart or indeed holidayed separately due to family commitments, work travel etc. It is 2021, and with easy electronic/voice communications we will be regularly in touch – but crucially on this front, this is all about her and her boyfriend having a trip together as a proper couple, enjoying a whole week where nobody knows them and being free to act however they choose, and naturally there’s the desire from my side that they are free to revel in this without constant interruption. Hannah is a shared wife, and I am sharing her in the fullest sense next week 💖

Do I think at this stage, pre-trip, that this might become a regular thing? Of course, I’ve no doubt that it will be a wonderful experience for all three of us, and if the opportunity arises again (which I have no doubt it will) then bring it on! We maintain a fabulous balance in our lives with family, 1:1 and HotWife time, with none detracting from the other. In a normal week, we typically have a full threesome evening, a quickie “top up” visit from her boyfriend, and she stays over at his house one night a week – this way (including the morning after an overnight), Hannah sees him four days a week (and, excitedly, barely goes a day without having the combination of his and my cum inside her). None of this disturbs the balance of our conventional married family life, so there is always space for Hannah and her boyfriend to enjoy the odd long weekend or week’s holiday away together.

What is occupying my thoughts the most in these final few days before the trip? I would say, predominantly, its sheer excitement and this applies to all three of us. It’s an incredibly exciting and naughty activity that the vast majority of “normal” people would fail to comprehend. I’m eagerly looking forward to dropping her off at the airport, and then for the photo updates as they enjoy their holiday, and of course our relaxing day together alone when she’s back.

Of equal magnitude, my thoughts are occupied with packing arrangements; as Hannah mentioned in her post yesterday, we have plenty of new outfits and anklets for her to wear, so the next few evenings will be filled with excitedly choosing what to pack. The wonderful folks at SexyJewelsUK have been so incredibly kind in supplying some delightfully naughty new Queen of Spades anklets that will no doubt feature highly in the holiday album ♠️😉

What am I most looking forward to doing when Hannah returns? Well, firstly of course, seeing my wife and sharing family time, but also we will have some serious sensual time to catch up on as she regales her adventures! On the latter front, as Hannah mentioned, we have the serious business of me taking her over my knee for a sound spanking for being such a naughty wayward wife – she will be keeping a tally of how many times he cums deep in her smooth pink pussy during the trip, and for every time this happens she will receive one hard spank after the warmup; this is something we do on a regular basis, Hannah often goes over my knee for a maintenance spanking and normally has a “month end” harder spanking for being such a slut for her boyfriend’s bare black cock!

Let’s just say, with seven nights together and his propensity for repeatedly filling Hannah with his hot black seed, the tally is going to be quite spectacular, and my naughty wife will have an extremely pink and uncomfortable bottom – deservedly so!

I’ll sign off the post now, naturally I could go on as this is the pinnacle of our HotWifing life to date, but I’ll leave this to the next post that is currently being written by her boyfriend to offer his holiday prologue perspective, hopefully to be published tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “HotWife Holiday Prologue Part Two – Chris’s Perspective

  1. You started by sharing Hannah with other men, with you present. Then it evolved to her having a “boyfriend” and Hannah having solo dates. Now, a whole week away on holiday. I’m wondering where you go next? The thought of a “plural marriage” comes to mind and I wonder if you would be open to something like that. But, with a child, that would be very complicated. What about a sort of “secret marriage”, where Hannah and L (and maybe you) would wear “wedding rings” that would be a physical reminder of your bond but that no “outsiders” would be aware of the significance of? I’m just wondering, where do you go next with your relationship?


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