HotWife Holiday Prologue Part One – Hannah’s Perspective

Hannah and her boyfriend are off on holiday in a few short days time for a week abroad in the sun together. In the run up to this, we’re writing a three part blog to encompass each of our thoughts about this incredibly exciting step in our HotWife adventures. As ever, we update daily on our Twitter feed so please do take a look! In this first post, Hannah takes authorship but over the next few days her boyfriend and I will add our own personal perspectives.

Our last blog post detailed plans for their trip, predominantly how the coronavirus pandemic threw a number of spanners in the works and what the three of us did instead that week to celebrate their first year anniversary as a girlfriend:boyfriend couple. I’ll leave it to Hannah now as she writes about their forthcoming trip!

When Chris first suggested myself and my boyfriend going abroad together on holiday this summer, of course I was incredibly excited at the prospect but didn’t quite believe we would manage to make it a reality. After much shopping around for all-inclusive adults only resorts, once Chris and I hit the “Book This Holiday” icon, I realised it was actually going to happen! It now seems an age since we booked earlier in the year; due to the Covid-19 pandemic we were forced to reschedule from the originally planned June date (which coincided nicely with mine and my boyfriend’s first anniversary) but now we only have a few short days to go and are all super excited 😊😊😊

In many ways, I don’t think the fact that I’m going away with my long term boyfriend still hasn’t completely sunk in. Leaving my husband and child for a week whilst I go away and have on tap sex all week with my gorgeous black boyfriend – whenever, wherever and however I want, is a deliciously decadent thought. Not even my closest friends know, and this in itself makes the whole caper all the more exciting – we’ve no doubt they wouldn’t understand the wonderful dynamic that Chris and I are so blessed to share (mixed in with a healthy dose of envy at the incredible amount of sex I get haha 😈).

One of the things I’m looking forward to the most is travelling as a couple to a country where nobody knows us and we can do whatever we wish, engaging in normal couple holiday activities (plus, of course, all the naughty stuff!) A married woman going away with her young, single lover to do with as I please – oh my goodness, the options are endless.

Last Summer my boyfriend and I went away for a city break weekend, but the prospect of an entire week together at an all-inclusive resort is nothing short of wonderful, let’s say a great deal of cocktails will be drank! As with our regular overnight dates where I’m always in touch with Chris over WhatsApp and FaceTime, let’s just say a steady stream of photos and videos will be flowing back to the UK 😉

Chris has purchased an enviable new wardrobe of my/our favourite Wicked Weasel bikinis for the holiday that I’m hoping my boyfriend will like and won’t be able to take his hands off me 😈. Added to that, I have a gorgeous collection of naughty new HotWife anklets from SexyJewelsUK that will look utterly amazing💖

After only just returning from our family holiday and unpacking yesterday, a whole new task of packing starts this evening and may very well be a momentous task to collate beachwear, casual wear, evening wear and of course bedroom wear, but it’s all part of the excitement for Chris and I 😊

We’ve promised to keep a full tally of how many times my boyfriend cums inside me and I’ll be getting one hard spank for each creampie on my return home – I think I’m going to have a very pink bottom!!!!

Whilst writing this, my mind wanders to what we will get up to on the first day of the trip, so I’ve penned a little starter scenario to share!

We arrive at the hotel, check in and begin the journey up to our room for the week. We step into the lift and it all starts. Masks removed and we passionately kiss, I feel the unmistakable pressure of his cock on my leg as he starts to get excited at the very thought of what will happen the moment we step through the bedroom door.

The door clicks open and in we go. Bags are quickly dropped and the crisp white linen on the bed suddenly become very inviting. He spins me round and we kiss more as his hands start to wander and find their way into my shorts. My Wicked Weasel panties already damp from excitement, I feel myself getting wetter still. My hands begin to fondle his now very erect cock through the fabric of his shorts.

I swiftly fall to my knees and slide his shorts down to reveal his glorious black cock before starting to worship him with my mouth, tasting his pre-cum as he tells me how much of a naughty girl I am and how well I suck his cock. He holds my hair tight, sliding deeper into my throat and gets me into a rhythm that brings him almost to climax.

I stop, stand up and place my lips back on his in yet another passionate embrace. He removes my shorts before pulling my skimpy panties aside to slip a finger deep into my dripping wet pussy, simultaneously working my clit to heighten my senses.

Turning me around and pushing me down onto the bed, he utters an all too common command for me to “assume your position”. This is a prompt for me to lay on the bed face down, my ass propped up by pillows under my hips so he can have full and unfettered access to my tight pussy and pound me until I scream. Slowly at first, his bare black cock slides into me and I stretch to accommodate him like so very many times before until he is fully inside me, his heavy balls are resting against my smooth labia; using my vibe I’m already in sexual heaven and this is barely the first hour of our holiday together and the first of so many fucks that are ahead of us.

He soon begins to royally own my married pussy, fucking me hard and fast for what feels like forever, before grabbing my hips hard and exploding deep inside me as his hot seed pulsates within me. After a few moments he pulls out and we embrace on the bed in a sensual hug as his cum slowly trickles out into my panties – we grab my phone and Chris is the first to see the results of our sexual union.

The first of oh so many sessions…

Hannah 💋XxX

4 thoughts on “HotWife Holiday Prologue Part One – Hannah’s Perspective

  1. I can understand your husband all too well.
    My wife flew to the Maldives for 2 weeks with her dominant boyfriend. He fucks her several times a day. I have not been allowed to fuck my wife for 21 years.
    Nevertheless, I love it when the two go on vacation together.


    1. There is an expression about women “having it all”. It sure seems that you do! A loving husband, an exciting hung boyfriend and a child. Of course, the men in your life are lucky but you are a VERY fortunate women! And we are fortunate to be able to follow your adventures. A whole week away with your lover must seem so liberating. No fear of being “discovered” and not having to be concerned about showing affection to a black man in public. Enjoy!

      Liked by 1 person

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