A cancelled holiday & what we did to make up for it 😈 (AKA “a naughty week in the life of Ride & Vibe!)

Rather a long and photo-heavy blog post this time folks!

So, we normally draw up New Year naughty wish lists and NYE 2020/21 was no different. One of the main wishes of mine (but wholeheartedly shared by Hannah!) was for Hannah and her boyfriend to go away on holiday together in the Summer.

Come late January/early February, after much shopping around and working on dates, the three of us booked a week away for the naughty couple to coincide exactly with their one year anniversary – simply perfect timing. Naturally the Coronavirus pandemic introduced rather a large element of doubt over the feasibility of the trip, but we were all keen to take the gamble and were well insured.

Both as a threesome during our regular MMF dates and also when Hannah and I played together alone, the upcoming trip and their naughty plans were the source of much naughty talk. £500 plus of new Wicked Weasel bikinis purchased, delivered, tried on and put away plus lots of other new summery clothes – oh, and of course some lovely new Sexy Jewels UK anklets so Hannah could have a different one for every day of the week.

Come 21st of May, the UK government were set to announce the holiday travel destinations that were going to be on the “green list”, so naturally we had everything crossed. News articles suggested their chosen destination would be green, but sadly it wasn’t to be 😢

Have no fear, the very same all inclusive hotel was rebooked in pretty quick order for September in the hopes of the Covid-19 situation being better by then; but this left us with thoughts of how to celebrate Hannah’s first year of having a steady boyfriend as a fully fledged Hotwife.

Let’s just flash back now, imagine the wavy, dreamy transition lines flooding through the blog text (!), way back to the halcyon days of June 2020 when we formed a support bubble (fully legal under the UK Government framework) with Hannah’s lover of the time. Who would have guessed that this series of WhatsApp messages from her overnight date would result in a wonderful relationship between all three of us?

So, well, since that time they’ve been in a relationship for a year, with pretty much all of our activities are detailed on our Twitter feed.

So in the absence of a week away, we decided to go for as many sessions as possible (work and normal life permitting of course!) This started with Hannah having an overnight date on the Friday night, which naturally blended seamlessly into more fun on Saturday morning (the actual day of their anniversary)

Friday night
Saturday morning

On Sunday we had a lovely family day, but Hannah wore her everyday (non Queen of Spades) anklet all day as a reminder of how much of a naughty girl she is 😈

Lovely family day out, with a reminder of naughtiness

Come Monday, Hannah spent most of the day at his house on her day off…

Monday date prep
Some of the action, thanks to Hannah’s boyfriend
The final deep creampie of the date
Hannah’s messy panties when she got home

Then on Tuesday evening he came round for chilled out drinks in garden and a couple of fucks…

How it started, during garden drinks
How it ended on the sofa!

The following evening (Wednesday) we had our standard weekly MMF…

MMF pre-date photoshoot
A snippet of the action 😈

Then on Thursday Hannah and her boyfriend had another overnight date…

Overnight date travel panties
Pre-fuck photoshoot at his house
Some of that evening’s fun

…which naturally merged nicely into a Friday morning/afternoon continual session 😈

Friday morning

This culminated in the final boyfriend fuck and creampie of a very busy week, which Hannah naturally brought home, leaking into her Wicked Weasel panties…

The last fuck & creampie

Well, not quite as good as a week away together in the sun, but even whilst writing this post and recalling all of our activities as we lie in bed writing this together, we think it’s a pretty solid effort! Sadly we didn’t keep a tally of how many fucks (between myself and Hannah’s boyfriend) but would have to estimate it at around 22 creampies, with a good few oral cum sessions too. That’s a guesstimate, certainly very close to 25 times 😈💖😈

We’ve no doubt whatsoever that their holiday week, when it happens, will be even busier than that – perhaps we should run a sweepstake with a prize for guessing how many times Hannah’s boyfriend cums deep in her married pussy with seven nights away? Answers on a postcard folks 😈♠️💦💦💦👸🏼🔥

Chris & Hannah XxX

2 thoughts on “A cancelled holiday & what we did to make up for it 😈 (AKA “a naughty week in the life of Ride & Vibe!)

  1. Wow, what a year it has been for you. Yours is such a happy story. 3 people finding such joy in such a challenging time. If all that has happened in the last year can happen in one year, I can’t help but wonder what the future will bring. What direction your relationship(s) will take. Thanks for sharing with us.


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