Hannah’s intimate tattoos

Regular readers of our blog, and followers of our Twitter feed will no doubt have seen that Hannah almost always sports a tattoo on her pussy when she’s being naughty, whether that’s on her own with her boyfriend, or when we have a threesome date or other hotwife activities.

We’re both massive fans of the Queen of Spades tattoo (or others) in that location, and it makes for some quite stunning images that we love to share; it also catalyses quite a few comments and questions on Twitter, so we thought it might make for an interesting short blog post.  Let’s dive in and answer some of the more common questions we’ve been asked: 

“Is Hannah’s tattoo real/permanent?” 

The answer is no, whilst I (Chris) have a few small tattoos, Hannah has none on her porcelain white skin, and no piercings either.  We tend to use temporary water transfer tattoos, or semi-permanent options.  Often in our images, the transfer tattoos can look very realistic, but depending upon the exact placement (and the degree of sexual friction) they tend to wear off, sometimes quite quickly (see below!) The semi-permanent options look exactly like a real tattoo, and can last a week or so before fading away. 

“Would Hannah get a real tattoo?” 

The concept of a permanent Queen of Spades tattoo is of course incredibly hot, so answer is yes, she/we have certainly considered this, selected the exact design, and indeed even been to the level of having a tattoo appointment booked immediately prior to the first Covid lockdown (which was cancelled due to the restrictions), but the true and honest answer is that we currently both prefer and enjoy the flexibility of temporary options as it fits our lifestyle far better; this is for a few reasons.   

Firstly, having an inquisitive younger child in the house, who quite often sees both of us in varying states of undress when getting ready, showering, swimming etc., a permanent tattoo on mummy’s pussy would raise significant questions – indeed on the occasions Hannah has a semi-permanent tattoo in place (that lasts around a week or more), this has definitely been brought up.  As our child gets older, this would more than likely cause a potential issue.  The separation of our normal lives from our naughty lives, particularly in connection with our child, is naturally of absolute key importance, and we feel that this would represent an unacceptable risk.  Also, foreseeing those other instances where family or friends might end up seeing the tattoo (not directly, but through a bikini perhaps) adds further risk, or would impose certain restrictions on her choice of attire.  Choosing a bikini is hard enough without the added stage gate of “will my tattoo show through it?” Whilst Hannah’s normal swimwear isn’t as revealing as the lingerie shown below, it illustrates the point on potential visibility:

Secondly, whilst Hannah’s desires and appetite for sex with black men is unwavering and permanent, a tattoo is of course a mark upon one’s skin that lasts forever – tastes do change, and having a tattoo in such an intimate location might appeal to us now, but perhaps not so much in years to come.  There are some that question the dedication of hotwives who only use temporary tattoos – we do get that perspective, but rest assured, Hannah’s commitment to the cause is exemplary and longstanding, regardless of the temporary nature of her tattoo haha! 

Thirdly, Hannah has sessions of laser/IPL hair removal on her genital region and the last thing we would want is for a new tattoo to be prematurely faded by the application of high intensity light.  Hair removal sessions have been paused at the moment due to salons being closed during the coronavirus pandemic, but we also have a home based IPL unit that we use often, so until she’s completely hair free this puts a pause on things. 

We do regularly discuss how hot it would be for Hannah to have a permanent QOS tattoo there, particularly during fucking and talking about recent dates etc., so this situation might change at some point in future, but for now it’s the temporary versions for us! 


“If Hannah got a real tattoo, what would it be and where would it be located?” 

That’s easy – Queen of Spades, immediately above her pussy.  The specific design has gone through many iterations, but the overall theme and location remain the same. 


“Where do you buy your temporary tattoos from?” 

We normally purchase both our QOS and threesome water transfer tattoos from one particular seller on eBay; we’ve tried quite a few different suppliers but are happy to share that those offered by Kikichelle are the best quality (no connection whatsoever, just extremely happy repeat customers).  They are UK based, and always deliver in super quick time.  We tend to use around three a week, so get through them quite quickly! 

The semi-permanent tattoos we use are from inkbox in the USA, and they truly look identical to real ink for around a week before they start to fade.  We make use of the custom tattoo design option on the inkbox website, whereby one can upload your own artwork onto a chosen size square area; from experience, we know that it’s possible to have multiple identical tattoos within the square and then carefully cut the packs to allow individual applications – happy to address any queries folk may have, and we’re certainly in no way connected to inkbox. 

The product consists of what looks like a surgical dressing film with only the vaguest outline of the design visible. One applies this film to the chosen location after cleaning the skin and then leave it on for an hour before removing and discarding, then the tattoo itself develops within around 12-24 hours and lasts a week to ten days regardless of how energetic the fucking may be!  We’ve included some photos below of the process:

1. First application (cut from a larger sheet of multiple tattoos):2. Protective cover applied for the 1 hour initial application:

3. Chilling during the hour long stage, avoiding any unnecessary movement that might blur the tattoo:

4. What it looks like after removing the film, before the tattoo has developed:

5. The result from the next morning, dark and identical to “real” ink:

This does mean that a degree of planning before a date is required; for Hannah and her boyfriend’s holiday in the summer (Covid permitting), she will no doubt have an inkbox tattoo.  One thing to be very careful of is to ensure you have a covering over the tattoo as it develops (panties in Hannah’s case for the location) – the first time we used one, it ended up transferring to her inner thigh whilst she was asleep, as you can see below!

 The final result is really quite striking:

“How do you both choose which temporary tattoo Hannah wears?” 

For most of our regular weekly MMF dates, Hannah will normally wear a threesome tattoo with the female and two male symbol intertwined:

…but for solo dates or club nights etc. it’s more often than not the plain and striking Queen of Spades logo; akin to the wearing of an anklet (as we discussed in our last blog post), Hannah adorning herself with a pussy tattoo (or me applying it for her) whilst she prepares for a date adds to the magic and focussing our minds onto the fact that she’s going to be a very naughty girl. 

Due to the much higher cost of the inkbox option, this tends to be for more “special” occasions, and indeed ones when we can take the time to plan in advance; sometimes her boyfriend’s shift pattern/overtime changes with little notice, so it wouldn’t be possible to apply an inkbox tattoo in time, and also there’s the issue that we’ve discussed earlier in that removal of the tattoo completely after the date (very easy with the water transfers) tends to work best for us. 

We hope that’s been interesting and useful, and indeed addressed most of the common questions we get on the subject of pussy tattoos – more than happy to answer more on Twitter if they come up! 

Best wishes, 

Chris and Hannah XxX 

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