Our hotwife “rules” and the mystical magic of the hotwife anklet

A brief blog from us today, mainly because we’re conscious of not having written anything for a couple of months (sorry!) so we wanted to share at least something! We will try to make amends and post more frequently this year (and are more than open to helpful suggestions for topics to address), but as always our Twitter feed is updated on an almost daily basis. Please do leave us a comment there with anything you’re curious about.

Today our thoughts turn to hotwifing rules, or perhaps more accurately the lack of these in our particular relationship! For anyone entering or even considering entering this kind of wonderful lifestyle, naturally the most important foundation is a good level of communication with your partner from the very outset. This can, of course, be a monumental challenge if such an activity represents a stellar step change from a conventional and faithful monogamist start point; we spoke about this subject a great deal in our Keys & Anklets podcast interview with the wonderful Michael C, so please do take a listen and also consider subscribing to support his work – we do, and that’s from a completely unbiased perspective, he’s a true gentleman and a gift to the community who helped us immensely in our journey.

After finally opening up to your partner that you would like to share them sexually, the very next thing to address is the subject of “rules”, both from the perspective of your loved one’s health, safety and mental wellbeing, but also that same mental wellbeing as applied to you being the sharer, namely what would you be comfortable with, and what would you most definitely not be comfortable with your partner doing with another person.

It’s worth noting again at this juncture, that we have the polar opposite of a cuckold relationship, therefore upset, humiliation, or uncomfortable feelings on either side are of zero interest to us. Compersion, namely the vicarious joy associated with seeing one’s partner have joyful sexual relations with others, is the key foundation to all of our naughty activities. We never knock that particular kink, but it’s just of no interest to us whatsoever.

Aside from the obvious safety aspects such as good communication during a date, safe sex, emergency protocols etc. (that we won’t go into as those are confidential and private between us), common rules within the hotwifing community that we have seen include:

• No kissing

• No post-sex cuddling

•No overnight stays

•No relationship building

Naturally we understand how some couples would wish to apply any or all of these principles or rules in order to protect what is undeniably the most vital thing – the loving relationship between man and wife, but right from the outset of our activities these constraints simply haven’t applied to us.

If Hannah was going to fuck another man (as of course she has done with my blessing and encouragement, many many times!) then the thought of imposing a no kissing and cuddling rule was completely nonsensical to us, and barring her the pleasure of an overnight stay (and, by association, my additional pleasure from this) would never have crossed our minds.

From our standpoint, Hannah is fucking other men, she isn’t making love to them, so the connection of two sets of genitals or a mouth to genitals is absolutely no different in our eyes to the connection of two pairs of lips and two tongues together in passionate kissing. Also, who the heck doesn’t like to cuddle after sex?! It’s a natural and enjoyable post-coital reaction, and it would almost be downright rude and awkward in our book not to!

As for relationships, well, good sex develops so much further with someone you know, and of course Hannah has a steady boyfriend – the sex, and indeed the relationship between all three of us gets better each and every single day.

So, we come down to our personal rules – as you’re probably aware if you follow our Twitter posts, Hannah has been the proud owner of an open ended hall pass for over a year now, that gives her outright permission to be a thoroughly naughty girl however and whenever she chooses, it’s even laminated and permanently sits in her purse!

Apart from the foundations of good communication and ensuring that she is safe and happy on a date, we only really have rules to speak of, both of which are completely non-onerous:

1. Be a very naughty girl

2. Always wear an anklet when being naughty

…pretty simple really! Being a highly sexual creature and naturally naughty girl, rule one isn’t hard for Hannah, and she also knows that she goes over my knee for a sound spanking when she’s been especially bad.

For rule two, as an aside, whenever she has a date planned she will always ask if that’s okay with me – the answer is basically always yes, she doesn’t have to ask, but it’s kinda cute and hot that she asks for permission (quite often I remind her to check her hall pass for the answer!)

Anyhow, I digress – on the day of a date, she will always pop an anklet on first thing after her shower as part of her warmup, more often than not a delicate “everyday” anklet, and sends me a photo of herself wearing it, which excites us both no end.

As she gets ready for the date itself later in the day, this is then exchanged for a more overtly naughty/slutty anklet such as one of her many Queen of Spades charm ones. If I’m helping her get ready and taking pre-date photos then I will normally pop the anklet on for her, this is always an exciting act for both of us as it becomes symbolic of me giving my permission for her to be naughty all over again (and no, for those cuckold fantasy projectionists, this is not a submissive act thank you very much!)

It’s funny how the thought, or sight, of Hannah wearing a chain around her right ankle elicits such powerfully arousing thoughts in both of us, almost like a magic charm; to quote Hannah in this respect:

“Even when reaching into the drawer to pick out an anklet for the day, or one for when I’m getting ready for an MMF or 1:1 date with my boyfriend, it just makes me feel so downright badass and super naughty. I love how me showing it off to Chris excites him and we both thrive on it, there’s just something so incredible about that little chain! It’s become such a symbol both for our ever deepening love, but also for how naughty Chris lets me be – we both adore it!”

So, as “rules” go, having to wear a simple chain around her ankle is a pretty easy one to comply with, and one that we would never ever break from.

As we’ve shared on Twitter, pandemic travel situation permitting, Hannah and her boyfriend are booked to go on holiday together for a week in the Summer, so that will mean an entire week of anklet wearing, especially in combination with summery clothes and bikinis on the beach and by the pool (queue me shopping for some nice new designs to add some variety) 💖

A few people have asked on Twitter whether anyone has ever noticed and commented on her anklet in public – the answer is no, or rather that they may have noticed it but made no comment. Those of us in the lifestyle are undoubtedly more acutely aware of the possible connotations of anklet wearing, but it’s more than likely the vast majority of people would make no association to the naughtiness it means to some of us, or at least would be polite and reserved enough not to walk up and mention it!

Well, that ended up being slightly less brief than I initially thought it might be, I hope this has been an interesting insight into our particular hotwife relationship and the fact that you’ll never see Hannah being naughty in our posts without that little chain around her right ankle.

Chris & Hannah xx

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