Part 1.: A slightly different (but insanely hot) MMF date night dynamic

As regular followers of our Twitter feed will know, a common theme that appears in almost all of our MMF threesome dates is that Hannah is blindfolded.  This started with our first ever forays into the hotwife lifestyle (in the first instance to give an element of confidence and surprise to a very nervous Hannah), and is something we both very much enjoy.  Her senses are heightened, and even though she knows her boyfriend inside out, the element of surprise at his first kiss, first touch, is electric. 

A few weeks ago during a threesome date, whilst removing her blindfold and being blinded by the bedroom lights, Hannah suggested that I should be blindfolded for one of our MMF dates as a role reversal of sorts.  We knew we had a combined MMF and overnight date coming up yesterday, so we decided to go for it.  Naturally, as is our want, we discussed quite a few elements but I also left a lot to Hannah’s deviously naughty imagination so that things would come as a surprise. 

Our date preparation is pretty much a well-oiled machine now; on the evening before I tend to give Hannah a manicure and pedicure, then on the night she bathes and shaves, I then finish up by making sure she’s ultra-smooth (particularly around her rosebud, as this is often difficult to get just so!), and apply her tattoo – on this occasion the threesome symbol.  She then gets dressed and applies makeup and we do our pre-date photoshoot.  This is more often than not followed by a flurry of activity with photo editing, hair straightening etc. as her boyfriend is due to arrive; no matter how organised we’ve been, those last minutes are often anything but relaxing! 

Last night deviated slightly from this routine, in that Hannah and her boyfriend were going to start alone together downstairs, with me waiting in the bedroom, so after the photoshoot I had plenty of time on my hands to play with the images! 

As time approached his arrival, after a last kiss and cuddle, Hannah went downstairs and I chilled out with a glass of wine and the tail end of a Netflix episode; ten minutes or so later there was the sound of the front door opening and naturally I knew what the typical progression of events would be! 

Barely five minutes later, I could just about hear the signature sounds of naughty activity, and my whatsapp pinged with the following image: 

Those sounds intensified, and Hannah, who can be very vocal when she’s cumming, was obviously experiencing significant pleasure.  Whilst I’m naturally very accustomed to her having fun on her own, this was indeed very hot to experience from not so far away. 

Things quietened down, and then, around 20 minutes after he had arrived, a two minute warning text popped up from Hannah, so I finished my wine and slipped on my blindfold before relaxing down onto the bed awaiting them to come upstairs. 

We have hard floors throughout our ground floor, so the first thing I heard was the signature clicking of Hannah’s stripper heels, before the creaking of the stairs, signalling mere moments until their arrival in the bedroom. 

The door opened, and not a word was spoken.  In my blindfolded state, I could obviously hear signs of movement but at that point couldn’t make out if it was just Hannah or the two of them.  I sensed her approaching my side of the bed, but was of course unable to see anything as the blindfold sleep mask truly blocks out 100% of the light. 

Hannah moved to the bed, and straddled me; I kept my hands to the side to allow her to move over me unhindered and let her do what she wished.  She shuffled up and knelt aside my head, and immediately I caught the familiar and deeply arousing scent of recent sex on her.   

Her first words after entering the room:

“I’ve been a very naughty girl” 

Moments after uttering that sentence, she grazed the crotch of her satin corset body above my face and I could feel and smell that it was moist with his fresh seed; her pussy still covered by her lingerie, she rested gently on my mouth so I could kiss her freshly fucked pussy through the moist fabric as I ran my hands up her corset and teased her nipples. 

After a short while, her hand reached down and pulled the fabric to one side and allowed my eager tongue to first tease her very erect clit, before dancing lower to release drips of his cum from her very recently fucked pussy; the bunched crotch fabric to the side also being a source of cum that had leaked out whilst she had ascended the stairs. 

Pulling her hard onto my face, I devoured her cunt, savouring that familiar and exquisite delight of the culmination of bareback fucking.  Still on the assumption that she had come up alone at first, as I ran my hands up her body again and felt her movement change, I noted that her boyfriend must now be standing at the side of the bed, and Hannah was obviously savouring the delights of his cock. 

Bringing her to orgasm as she busied herself gorging on him, I was still alternating between her clit and delving my tongue as deep inside her as possible to savour every single drop.  Hannah’s movements and sounds intensified, as did his breathing, and the unmistakable (but always quiet!) sounds of him cumming filled the air. 

Hannah paused for a moment, and I heard him step away. 

Her position changed, as she slipped down my body to reach in for a deep and passionate kiss – her mouth full from his second cum of the evening, impressively soon after planting his first load of hot seed deep in her married pussy.  Our tongues danced with the sweet salty fluid until there was none left beyond traces on our lips. 

Altering her position again, she mounted my naturally erect cock, slipping so easily into her slick pussy, and began her most favourite of activities of riding with the aid of her WeVibe Tango vibrator. 

Squirting orgasms followed, resulting in us both being drenched, and Hannah eventually brought me to my own first orgasm of the night deep inside her, followed again by slumping into passionate kisses as my pulsating subsided. 

As she rose off me, quick as a flash she shuffled back up my body and planted herself back on my face, dripping wet with both her own squirt juices and my own fresh cum.  I devoured her for the second time of the evening, from her clit to her divine asshole, greedily lapping the fruits of our combined desire – the third load of cum I had swallowed that evening, and all within under an hour of his arrival. 

Things then morphed into a pretty standard MMF date for us, although on this occasion it was my turn to be utterly blinded by the bedroom lights as we drank wine and ate chocolate (Hannah is a chocolate fiend when she’s being fucked, gotta keep those energy levels up!) Hannah’s lingerie was soaking, so this was soon removed, along with her heels, leaving her in stockings alone (and of course her omnipresent Queen of Spades anklet).

Both of us came again inside her in the subsequent fun, and then as they cuddled at the end of the session I took these photos, whilst simultaneously greedily worshipping her ass and pussy once more before we headed downstairs. 

As her boyfriend’s shift patterns have altered temporarily, we don’t have the luxury at present of separate MMF and overnight date nights, so akin to last week they left together to then spend the night together and I will pick her up just after lunch today for yet more fun together before “normal” family life resumes. I have no doubt that as soon as I get her home, I’ll again be pulling her cumstained panties to one side and gorging on her recently fucked pussy 😈

God we love our life right now! 


2 thoughts on “Part 1.: A slightly different (but insanely hot) MMF date night dynamic

  1. A very sexy meeting – “so I could kiss her freshly fucked pussy through the moist fabric” rings a bell with my hubby 😉


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