Thoughts on being a spanked hotwife, by Hannah xx

Well this is rather new to me as I don’t normally write for our blog (sorry!!) Chris has asked me to pen a few words on a subject of my choice, and seeing as we have something planned for tomorrow night along these lines it seemed pertinent. Apologies if I’m not quite the wordsmith that Chris is, I hope this is of interest xx

One element of our sexual play that has endured right from the start of our relationship is spanking. Before I met Chris, I have to admit that I’d never been spanked before by any sexual partner, but this certainly changed in the very early stages of our relationship (actually within only a few dates) and it’s something we do both very much enjoy. Below are some very dated Polaroids from our very early days together, showing preparation for “spanking night”!

Neither of us recall quite how this began, but it goes without saying that Chris was the one who corrupted me as I’m sweet and innocent (or perhaps was haha!) Whilst sexual appetite naturally ebbs and flows in any relationship, spanking has pretty much always been a staple of our bedroom activities. We’ve been through stages where it’s a regular weekly thing, or it may be as seldom as once a month, but since we started on our hotwifing journey last year it has certainly become more of a regular staple activity. In fact, on our wedding day, during the break after the wedding breakfast and the evening party, Chris and I retired to our room to “freshen up” and he took me over his knee for a sound spanking in my wedding dress, my first as his wife, so you could say it’s somewhat engrained in our relationship 😈🥰.

Whilst we often post about me being spanked on our Twitter feed, it’s worth noting that these most certainly aren’t the harsh, bringing tears to your eyes type of spankings – they are typically quite firm at crescendo, and are of course given as “punishment” for me being a naughty girl, but above all these are for our joint sensation and pleasure. My boyfriend quite often spanks me when he takes me from behind, and also it’s more often than not included in our MMF threesome dates where both he and Chris will spank me at various points.

The build-up for our 1:1 sessions normally starts during the day on WhatsApp and I’ll select an appropriate outfit that I know Chris will like, then in the evening head upstairs early to prepare, and let Chris know I’m ready to go over his knee.

As an additional element, since I’ve been in a fluid bonded relationship with my boyfriend for the past seven or eight months, Chris has given me a dedicated month end spanking that starts out as usual with a warm-up as I play with my trusty vibe, and ends with a rather specific conclusion, namely one hard spank for each time my boyfriend has cum deep inside me bare.

C will ask me to keep some kind of a count of how many hard spanks are due that month, and to tell him when I’m over his knee – to be honest, with regular 1:1 dates and MMF sessions it ends up being quite a high number and probably somewhat inaccurate (we both try to keep count), but it makes us both happy! Needless to say, I end up with a nicely glowing pink bottom for photos after the event. I suppose these would be classified as maintenance spankings to be honest, it’s not like Chris is properly punishing me for being naughty (he’s of course massively supportive of such naughtiness), but they do form a nice excuse for me to go over his knee for such an intimate act.

During our MMF dates, the two of them will often sit side by side on the bed so I can go over Chris’s knee for a spanking whilst I suck my boyfriend’s cock – this works out very well for us, and normally then ends up with my boyfriend coming up behind me and sliding inside me as C continues to spank my bottom.

In order to help me a little with writing this article (be gentle, it’s my first time!), Chris sent me a few questions by text, so I’ll post these and my answers here:

Q. How do you feel when you know you’re going to get a spanking, and when I take you over my knee?

A. I do feel like a naughty girl when I’m being spanked, and I love that; I think about times playing with my boyfriend as you punish my bare bottom, thoughts of what I’ve done to deserve this, his multiple cums inside my married pussy with your consent, and I do feel very slutty.  In short it makes me feel very naughty and incredibly aroused. It’s a highly sexual feeling, but also comforting if that makes sense – above all, I adore being treated like your naughty princess xxx

Q. What’s your favourite position?  Would you like to explore different options than simple over the knee?

A. Of course I like to be laid across your lap with my legs splayed, so you have good access to my bottom and I can also use my toy, I also love it when you hold my waist tight with your left arm when the spanking gets harder so I feel nicely restrained. During our MMFs, I enjoy playing with my boyfriend’s cock whilst you slap me and watch me sucking him off, again this makes me feel incredibly naughty.

Q. I know you adore your ankles being held tightly – would you like to introduce more ankle restraint during spanking to put you in the zone?

A. The cuffs we have don’t really restrain my ankles as tight as I like, but I do like the feeling of them being there. Yes, I’d like to explore this more (as we have done in the past), perhaps I could be tied to the bed but still across your lap if that would work? We have restraint points attached to the bed of course 😈

Q. How many hard spanks are you due tomorrow night young lady?

A. Honestly I’ve lost count of the number of times he came inside me in November – I guess that makes it up to you as to how bad you think I’ve been! Certainly seven from last week’s overnighter (plus one in my mouth!), so it’s got to be in the 30’s or something eek! ☺️😇 I’m going to have a very pink bottom I think!

Q. Are there any spanking fantasies you’d like to explore?

A. How about next MMF we try with me tied to the bed, blindfolded and restrained at my ankles and wrists, whilst one of you massages me and the other spanks me? He tied my wrists and spanked me during one of our very early dates (some images below 😈), so that would be hot to try as a threesome xx We watched both 50 Shades together last week during our date night, so certainly some ideas came from those films!

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my first contribution to our blog, certainly a big thank you to Chris for helping with the questions and of course adding the photo/video magic! Looking forward to plenty more naughtiness in this wonderful lifestyle (and a very pink bottom tomorrow night!)

Hannah XxX

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