Midweek hotwifing musings – a typical week for Ride&Vibe

With work pressures now slightly less for us than they were earlier in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I find myself with a little more time to devote to this blog, so here we go with a second blog post this week!

We’ve often been asked on Twitter how Hannah having a steady boyfriend interfaces with our “normal” life, and what a typical week looks like in the Ride & Vibe household, so I will try to pen a few words around this subject and by virtue some associated thoughts and insights into our lifestyle.

Again, we are incredibly lucky to be in the position that we have a fully legally compliant support bubble relationship with Hannah’s boyfriend under the UK Covid lockdown laws, so she/we are able to see him as often as we wish, including having him visit our home and Hannah visiting his.  His working patterns are such that evening and early morning meets are possible, and we all take as much advantage of this as we are able to.

As we’ve indicated before, we have childcare responsibilities, which will always come first without fail, but it’s eminently possible to lead a dual life within this framework with a little planning.  The one thing that isn’t really possible at present is for both of us to have a night away together for naughtiness with him (or indeed other candidate lovers), but we more than make up for this with his visits to us at home.

On a normal week, they will get to see each other typically three times, spanning four days (one MMF between the three of us, a 1:1 overnight date/morning after and a weekend morning quickie).  None of these interactions detract from our normal family life, rather they enhance our life and relationship immeasurably.

At this point, I feel the need to stress again that we are NOT in a cuckold style relationship. Despite continual assurances on our Twitter posts (for example our omnipresent caps-lock hashtag #NOTCUCKOLD), many still jump to the incorrect assumption that we are indeed a cuckold couple – after all, perhaps the pattern fits in that Hannah spends a decent amount of time with her boyfriend every week and has a very close relationship, but this simply couldn’t be further than the truth.  Our analysis or rather hypothesis on this is that cuckoldry is one of the most common fantasies within the hotwifing lifestyle, and can often blinker its proponents (mainly those who don’t actually enjoy the lifestyle beyond the computer screen) into a state of believing that anyone who shares their wife with another man must do so reluctantly, or with a heavy degree of humiliation. Again, we have absolutely nothing against people that hold this fantasy or are active players in that sphere (and love having them following and enjoying our photos and other updates, as we do theirs to a degree), but it’s just not what we have at all. Such a belief often catalyses inappropriate and derogatory comments that project the concepts of their own fantasy onto our own reality (such as in the screenshot below)…

…when all we ask is that people enjoy the material and insights into our life that we share.  Anyhow, I digress!

Our normal week is generally punctuated rather evenly by these dates; typically we have our MMF date on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening, Hannah more often than not stays over at his on a Thursday night, and on Sunday morning she semi regularly pops over to his house for a few hours of fun.  During the summer when the weather was better, they were able to meet for a run and outdoor fun, but it’s a bit too cold and wet for outdoor fucking now in the UK!

Perhaps lowering the tone now, seeing as we play bare (the three of us are tested and faithful), between us we normally cum inside Hannah a total of five or six times during an MMF and they perhaps have 5-6 sessions in an overnight date, plus two on a Sunday morning, plus our own fun together, Hannah is lucky enough to have more than her fair share of creampies each and every week (well into double figures) and have a trace of us inside her almost all of the time; I had a vasectomy a number of years ago, and she is also on the pill (which incidentally catalysed a rather interesting conversation with her GP when she requested it!), so we have no concerns either with STIs or pregnancy.  As we’ve indicated previously, our sessions are extremely free flowing and playing bare within our trust bubble makes the relationship we all share so much more natural and of course incredibly hot.

As I type this at work, Hannah has just texted me to ask if she can stay over at his place tomorrow night, in addition to meeting him this evening for a run but no sex; to be honest, I find it cute and hot in equal measure that she always asks – the answer is always a resounding “yes”, after all our trust in each other is infinite and Hannah is also the proud bearer of a laminated open-ended hall pass that lives in her purse:

…but nevertheless its lovely that she does ask – this is routine reality for us, we are completely open with each other, transparent, infinitely trusting and moreover deeply in love.

On such overnight dates, Hannah normally leaves home between 1700 and 1900 and is home before 0830 the next morning.  Whilst they are together, Hannah will generally send me updates and photos every hour or so on WhatsApp which is of course fantastic and extremely hot, but what’s really most important is that she/they both are having fun together – after all, that’s really what the compersion component of a trusting hotwife relationship is all about:

Aside from these updates, I tend to have a great evening on my own, catching up on TV series or documentaries that Hannah doesn’t enjoy, pottering around and enjoying both my own company and the fact that Hannah is being naughty – as per the screenshot above, compersion is the very antithesis of jealousy.

On roughly half of such occasions, we are able to physically see each other when she returns home in the morning, but other times I have to be at work before Hannah returns, or indeed she needs to be at work.  Regardless of this, when we do see each other again it’s always exciting and more often than not catalyses a great deal of further fun together.  I have to admit that when Hannah tells me how naughty she’s been, before peeling down her panties to show me the leaking evidence after they’ve fucked perhaps half a dozen times, it drives us both utterly wild and indeed we post many such images to our Twitter feed.  

On their Sunday morning sessions we are able, almost without fail, to have our own fun immediately after Hannah gets home which is of course our preference. I adore tasting Hannah when she comes home – I may not be a cuckold, but I am extremely naughty!

Another favourite of ours is after our MMF dates, the three of us normally head downstairs from the bedroom for a coffee and I often take mine back up to bed, leaving them to chat.  Despite us having played for a number of hours all together, Hannah is the ultimate sexual Duracell bunny, so they do often end up fucking again one more time before he heads home.  To have your naughty wife slip back into bed for a cuddle (and more) before we sleep, whilst still dripping her boyfriend’s cum, is truly living the dream in our eyes!

Some may ask if I have extracurricular fun myself – the answer is a resounding no.  I am more than welcome to, with the full blessing of Hannah, but this has never remotely been something that I have been interested in; perhaps that might sound strange to some readers, but it’s the honest and open truth.  I love Hannah, and love sharing her, but have no desire to play elsewhere.  The knowledge and indeed sight of my darling naughty and insatiable petite hotwife having fun is like all of my Chrismases have come at once – I doubt I could even cope with more sex than we have at present!

Well, this has ended up being a rather longer post than I initially intended, but I hope what is abundantly evident is that the relationship we share and enjoy is so very perfect in our eyes and thus it’s easy to get carried away with writing!  As we said in our previous update, we hope to dedicate more time to this blog as we move forward, but our Twitter feed is always our main outlet with updates multiple times a week.  We would welcome any suggestions for further topics of interest, or indeed questions regarding our lifestyle.

Chris and Hannah XX 

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