A memorable anniversary

Well, in the spirit of promises made in our last blog update, we are trying to put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) more often in order to give more of an insight into the wonderfully enjoyable and naughty lifestyle which we are incredibly fortunate to partake in. 

Today presents an opportune moment to do just this, as it marks twelve months to the day since we had our first encounter with a black gentleman as a hotwife couple.  Without recapping too much, we had experienced our first ever MMF date with a gentleman from Fabswingers in September 2019 and were certainly keen to play again.  Life, work, childcare and all of the other pressures that normal couples experience meant that it was a couple of months before we had the opportunity for another naughty night away in a hotel.  This isn’t really going to concentrate fully on that date, perhaps more of a mini treatise on how we became a solely black only hotwife couple as a result, and indeed our position today. 

Hannah was keen for me to find a suitable guy for this free night, leaving the filtering etc. up to me, and so early on in the search I decided to focus on black men only – I knew Hannah had been with a black guy many years before we met, and it was a source of immense fantasy. After much searching, I decided upon a suitable candidate and we went from there. As with most (if not all) of our MMF encounters, Hannah was blindfolded to heighten her anticipation and electrify her senses – let’s just say that it was an amazingly memorable date; I have attached some photos here, but there are plenty more on our Twitter feed.

Afterwards, and in the days that followed, we talked quite a bit about what was our second only hotwife/swinger experience, and Hannah was fully sold on being a naughty hotwife.  We speak quite a bit about these early experiences in our Keys and Anklets Podcast interview with the wonderful Michael C, so if you haven’t listened then please do.   

Fast forward another month or so and in the very early days of January 2020 we had our third MMF experience, again with a black guy, and it was again such a perfect experience that we both were eager to sample much more of.  Some snippets below:

Some days afterwards, as we sat on the sofa in the evening and spoke about the two experiences, both still giddy with how incredible they had been, Hannah mentioned that from then on she’d be more than happy for us to search for black guys only for our naughty fun if that was okay with me.  Naturally, I was in full support – whilst we had a fantastic experience with a white guy for our first ever MMF, it certainly didn’t blow our minds how the second and third meets had.  No disrespect to him, he was our first and helped in so many ways to break the ice into this lifestyle, but the electrifying experiences we had with both black guys hit things truly out of the ball park. 

It’s not hard for us to sell the benefits of interracial hotwife encounters, for they are truly multiple in our eyes.  The contrast of Hannah’s porcelain complexion against the dark skin of her lovers is truly a sight to behold; added to this, we have seen how capable and conscientious the vast majority of black guys are in such encounters, oh and the vast majority are extremely well endowed haha! 

The early part of 2020 was rather a whirlwind of BBC hotwife activity, including multiple 1:1 dates, MMFs and a couple of incredible BBC only club evenings together, but then the Covid-19 situation hit and things were curtailed significantly. 

As those who follow our Twitter will be aware, we feel incredibly fortunate that Hannah has a steady boyfriend, with whom we have a fully legally compliant support bubble arrangement that is (as we speak) unlikely to change regardless of UK Covid restrictions.  This means that on most weeks the three of us get together for an MMF, and one night a week she stays over at his place, plus the odd morning date here and there.  Whilst other activities such as BBC themed club nights and other meets with lovers are curtailed due to the pandemic, we have a very special relationship with her boyfriend and are truly so lucky compared to many out there whose fun has abruptly ended. We have a fully fluid bonded and trusting relationship with him that means no need for condoms, so the intensity and naughtiness of sessions is amplified significantly, resulting in some of the following!

So, twelve months after first dipping our toes into the interracial hotwifing scene, we are truly blissfully happy in the life that we feel incredibly fortunate to be leading.  As the Covid situation perhaps becomes more manageable with the development of successful vaccines, we can only see this blossoming – one thing we are really keen on is Hannah and her boyfriend going away on holiday, we’re sure this will happen at some point. 

We hope this has been an interesting insight, please do follow our Twitter for regular updates! 

Chris & Hannah X 

5 thoughts on “A memorable anniversary

  1. You all 3 have an incredible relationship! I follow your journey on twitter and am inspired to finally persuade my other half to dip her toes and other bits into the lifestyle waters.. happy that all of you are so happy! Sparkie0171

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