Planning Hannah’s first solo date

Well, a little while since our last post – so very much to write about, both in terms of our backstory and some of the incredible things that have happened even in the last week, but they all require time and thought to do full justice!

I (Chris) wanted to pen something of a quick update on something that’s set to happen next weekend 😈

Hannah and I had a simply mind blowing MMF experience with a rather special, dark and mysterious stranger last weekend, and this immediately catalysed plans for a rematch. One key difference on this occasion, Hannah and the gentleman (and he is a true gentleman) will be meeting on their own and spending the whole night together.

This is a pretty big step for us, but one we’ve been talking about excitedly for quite some time. In our last post we described how we’d been royally let down for a similar encounter just before Christmas and how very disappointed we were – barring global thermonuclear war or Mother Nature making a two week head start on her interior decorating plans (!) we will face no such issues with the lovely “M” (for that is his name haha) 😉 Here’s a beautiful photo of M giving Hannah a divine sensual massage last Saturday:

So, the date is set, the hotel room booked (on a non-cancellable rate!) and the build up has more than commenced.

As is usual from our fun so far, I’m the one who is communicating with our chosen gentleman, Hannah has obviously met him before and had an incredible time, but basically all arrangements are being made by yours truly. Whilst it’s a genuine fantasy for H to go off piste a little and arrange a date herself, it’s still early days and for the moment I’m the one that wades through a million and one poorly worded messages and unsolicited dick pics to find our “Mr. Rights”. No such issues with M, he’s set the bar in terms of how a single gentleman conducts himself and I have no doubt he will give her a night to truly remember. Here’s another shot from our first encounter with the wonderful M:

I don’t intend for this to be a super long post, rather to set the scene for a future update (sorry!) In essence, Hannah will meet M in the hotel bar and he’s going to have to play his A-game to seduce her. We’ve both seen his moves, we both know what the outcome is going to be, but he’s playing for the win as if he’s not on a dead cert. We both can’t wait!

So, with a week to go, we’re already of course talking about what Hannah will be wearing, choice of dress (gorgeous but not hotel hooker style!), lingerie and jewellery. It’s an exciting process as I’m sure you’re all aware, and I’m the only one that knows both sides of the equation. M will have no idea what Hannah will be wearing until he enters the bar, and of course no idea what she’s got on underneath until he wins his prize. On the flip side, Hannah hasn’t been party to some of the delicious suggestions M has been making in our communications, barring a few little choice snippets 😍 We’ve not got to the stage of lingerie selection, but that will most likely be tonight’s little entertainment – normally something new, exciting and photogenic is the order of the day. Hannah has mountains of lovely lingerie courtesy of yours truly, so this will be both an easy and hard task in equal measures – it’s got to be right!

All of the additional necessities are my job. Champagne in the fridge, snacks, condoms, lube, massage oil and all the rest appeal to my precise planning and organisation – Hannah and M need not worry about logistics, merely enjoy each other’s company safe in the knowledge that I’ve got everything covered for them to have a wonderful night together.

So, yes we have rules. Calling them “rules” makes it all sound very strict, but communication and understanding, mutual respect and integrity are all so very important to all of us, so they do exist!

  • Rule 1 is that they have an incredible time together and Hannah receives ultimate pleasure, that’s an easy one
  • Rule 2 is that they share some naughty photos and videos with me, as I’ll be glued to my phone – crucially this is not to interfere with Rule 1 in any way, shape or form, rather to enhance it for all of us
  • Rule 3 is that only I have M’s number
  • Rule 4 is that Hannah’s anklets always stay on (that’s easy too!)
  • Rule 5 is to stay safe and happy 😊

There, certainly not too onerous in any way, and based purely on conversations we’ve had about Hannah’s happiness, safety and wellbeing (and mine too of course). M is an utter gentleman and I know he will treat my lovely wife like a Princess (ok, a naughty Princess, but a Princess nonetheless!)

Well, that’s about it for scene setting – now we just play the waiting game and enjoy this build up phase. It’s worth saying that since embarking upon this naughty journey only around six months ago, it’s brought us so much closer (we were already close!) and improved our already fabulous sex life. Hannah has a glint in her eye these days and is feeling so very fulfilled, excited and also naughty in equal measures. That glow about her is a magical thing and we both can’t stop smiling at the thought of it 😊

Please keep an eye on our Twitter feed for more updates over the week and on the night in question. Naturally it will be the subject of a future blog post!

2 thoughts on “Planning Hannah’s first solo date

  1. Reminds of of my lovely wife, when we were younger,She and Hannah had the same fun.
    Your stories bring back very happy memories, of our younger selves .
    Unfortunately we are now both in our seventies


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