Pre-date build up and preparation πŸ’–

Ok, I’ll start by saying that for some reason our direct blog link isn’t working at the moment, but individual posts linked on our Twitter feed do work. Have contacted WordPress for help so hopefully it’ll resolve soon!

So, again a post that leaps into the mid stage of our evolving Hotwife journey, please do keep your eyes open for the story of how we started out, but I want to give that one full justice.

One thing I’ve wanted to write about is the build up and preparation for our meets. I’m not exactly speaking from the perspective of a seasoned veteran after only two MMF Hotwife dates, but as you’ll have read from our previous post, we have gone through the build up and prep stage more times than that πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»

As I write this post, I’m away from Hannah overseas for a week with my parents for New Year, and upon my return on 4th Jan we have a date lined up. That means we have started the all-important and exciting build up phase. As Hannah is busy with her parents, the vast majority of our build up chats are via WhatsApp. So far, H has been more than happy for me to source appropriate guys, a responsibility that I take immensely seriously – Hannah is my darling and loving wife, blossoming into this lifestyle, so I have no desire in choosing the “wrong” type of suitor to join us, as a bad experience might turn her off the whole thing. Naturally I love and care for her without bounds, so the chemistry has to be right.

I started with a meet advert on our FabSwingers profile, and backed this up with a search of appropriate guys in the area local to where we will be staying (about an hours drive from home). Both the advert, and selected winks, produced a great deal of interest which is always flattering. Narrowing guys down is both easy and hard – easy at the pre selection stage, those who can hardly string a sentence together and blatantly haven’t read our profile, then becoming hard as we have the pick of some incredibly attractive and well verified guys.

With the recent memory of our pre-Christmas let down very much at the forefront of my mind, the task was made even harder. Also, there’s the issue of having to choose and “let down” very suitable guys when you in no way want to disappoint them (yes, I do think about their feelings). Anyhow, cut to the chase, just this morning I seemed to click very well with one particular chap who just gave off the vibe of reliability, respect, integrity, smiley and warm face pics,….oh and has massive black cock hahah 😈 – something I was most definitely looking for on this occasion.

So, cut to the chase, what happens now until the actual deed of sharing my beautiful wife with another guy?

Well, I think in the interests of relative brevity as this post is already rather long (so sue me πŸ˜‚) I will be brief in the preamble text stage and then concentrate more on the hour or so before that knock on the hotel door.

Typically Hannah likes a surprise for our meets. So far, she’s always been blindfolded and doesn’t actually “see” our guest until the grand reveal at the end. January 4th will be no different. I think in the earlier stages the blindfold helps with nerves and intensifies things, we both like it and so it’s a regular feature. With regards to details about our mystery guest, Hannah trusts me implicitly, so knows I will have worked hard to find the ideal guy. I take this responsibility very seriously. As it stands, for our third MMF meet, I have given her the option to hear as much or as little about him as she wishes – she does know that he’s big and black, and that pleases her immensely. Let’s leave it at that, her call completely 😊

As it comes closer to the date, I will supply Hannah with a packing list. Typically we will be together before the event so I can pack all those important things like condoms, champagne etc. etc. but on this occasion I’m about 1,000 miles away and so her list is slightly more expansive haha!

We both very much enjoy this preamble stage, building excitement and talking about what might happen. As a happily married couple we don’t blur boundaries between our normal and naughty lives. Standard chat between husband and wife is on iMessage, naughty chat is exclusively on WhatsApp.

About a week before the date, Hannah will be told to stop shaving. Yes, she’s slightly submissive and does like to follow little orders. We like to let her gorgeous pussy grow out a little so as to ensure a close and super-smooth shave for the date. Below I’m going to share a not too flattering image, but this is real life and I’m trying to be utterly open and honest in this blog. On the left we have Hannah in a “super hairy” state which we both hate, on the right is after I’ve given her the once over with the clippers a day or so before the date. Yes, we both prefer utterly bare and laser hair removal is definitely on the list for 2020 πŸ˜‚

On the day of the date, once childcare is taken care of, we will travel to a local hotel and check in, crack a bottle of champagne for a small chill-out drink and start preparation in earnest.

Prime things on our list are shaving her ultra smooth, manicuring and painting her nails, helping her get dressed and then finally putting on her jewellery.

So, Hannah jumps in the shower and shaves herself smooth all over. She then calls me in to do the finer details – I love her to have ultra smooth lips and arse, so it’s easier for me to help get those final little hairs. I adore doing this, making the best possible job and also knowing that she will be perfect for our mystery guest.

Hannah doesn’t wear a lot (or any!) make up, but she does use a little for such special occasions. As she’s doing this, straightening her hair etc. I’m normally lounging and drinking champagne, revelling in this time and admiring my gorgeous Hotwife. Here she is plucking her eyebrows!

Next, Hannah chills out with a glass of champagne and catches up on her phone messages whilst I manicure and paint her nails. Again, she never normally has nail varnish on, but it’s something we both enjoy for such events so it’s firmly in our preparation schedule!

Next comes helping her get dressed. We both deliberate endlessly over choice of panties (we both adore fine lingerie!) and more often that not I’ve bought her something new for the occasion. I’m a stockings lover so these often feature! Again, touching on the slight submissive character, Hannah has worn ankle cuffs before for a date as the slight restraint turns her on. Here’s a couple of pics from our last two dates…

The final touch is her jewellery. Like with make up, Hannah doesn’t really wear jewellery on a day to day basis apart from her engagement and wedding ring, but when sharing her she does have a few items that are from me and represent my love and devotion to her. These take the form of a bracelet and one or two anklets. Anklets naturally feature heavily in the Hotwife lifestyle, we both enjoy her wearing one or two when she’s going to be naughty. I adore putting these on for her, not from a submissive or cuckold perspective (I am neither), but from the angle of me giving her my full consent and support to be a naughty girl. Amazing how a simple piece of jewellery can have so many connotations!

“H” for “Hotwife Hannah” πŸ’–

Well, by now we’re both ready (I’ve left our details of how I prepare because that’s boring haha – I shower and shave and make myself look beautiful please rest assured πŸ˜‚). Now for the waiting game, nervously and excitedly waiting for the appointed date time to come round. When Mr. Mystery Guest texts me to say he’s arrived at the hotel, I give Hannah a loving embrace and pop her blindfold on, and also her diamantΓ© collar if it fits with her outfit and then we both wait for the knock at the door…

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