Our first ever blog post – Introducing Us!

We’re Hannah and Chris, a happily married mid-to-late 30’s UK couple who have recently started our journey into exploring and enjoying the Hotwife/Stag lifestyle 🥰

Well, where on Earth do I begin?! As I (Chris) sit here having just registered our WordPress site after chatting to and being inspired by the wonderful Secret Vixen blog and their respective Twitter feeds, never normally lacking the creative juices for naughtiness, I find myself slightly lost for words so please bear with me and go with the flow!

By stealing some of our own words from our FabSwingers profile as inspiration, let me start by introducing us as a couple to set the scene.

We’re a very happily married couple who, over the past six months, have started taking steps to explore things a little further with the company of others for our mutual pleasure. The whole story around how we began to explore this lifestyle, after I had held the fantasy of sharing my delightful wife with others for many years, will no doubt be the subject of a dedicated post once I get the hang of WordPress!

Hannah is 35, petite, slim, with a gorgeous fit figure and is always silky smooth with no piercings or tattoos. Echoing many of the sentiments expressed by SecretVixen on her own blog, although enjoying sex very much, Hannah would for many years express that she held no sexual fantasies. We had amazing sex together, but I was always keen to expand our horizons. Sexual communication as a couple is something we’ve been working very hard on of late, and I have to confess this normally takes the form of WhatsApp chat between the two of us (it’s always easier, and often hotter that way!)

Chris (me!) is 39, also slim and athletic, a reasonably regular gym goer, smooth and well groomed. We’re both 100% straight but comfortable with close MMF play as I’m sure subsequent posts will detail 😈

So, why the profile and blog name “rideandvibe”? Well, putting it simply, Hannah adores riding when having sex, and is seldom seen without her favourite powerful little pink vibe in such situations – she cums multiple times when she rides, and sometimes squirts if the right buttons are hit, making a delightful mess 💦😊

I’ll leave it there for now and get on with the process of starting up our new Twitter account. Please bear with us whilst we populate this blog and Twitter as time goes on!

Chris and Hannah x

9 thoughts on “Our first ever blog post – Introducing Us!

  1. Great introduction and having come across you on twitter it is nice and intriguing to learn of your origins into the lifestyle. Look forward to seeing more of your journey. Hannah is vivacious, sexy and alluring and you chris sounds like a true gentleman who loves and adores his wife to no end, wonderful to see and hear.


  2. We wish you good luck and great experiences on your journey.
    We can tell you, it is a lot of fun.
    Anna and I, Christian, we have been living for 21 years in the lifestyle


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