That awkward second post – unreliable single guys ðŸ˜‚

Well, what can we say apart from “blown away” from the kind reception we’ve received on Twitter about our new profile and first blog post here on WordPress. Thank you all for your kind words, it’s been totally unexpected and really very flattering so thank you *so* very much!

Ok, the difficult second post! Chris here again, as I will be more often than not. I thought about writing the story of how we came to be at this (still blossoming) part of our Hotwife journey, but I want to give that post the justice it deserves and work hard on it, so this post is a little out of synch in our journey, but is something that happened to us less than a week ago.

Back in November, Hannah and I had our second ever threesome meet with a simply lovely chap from Fab. We’re not exactly fans of the term, but seeing as it’s so commonly used in these circles, he was a BBC, which is something I had been looking to find for Hannah for some time. The story of that night will no doubt be the topic of another post – let’s just say it was utterly incredible and he was the perfect gentleman. Here’s a teaser pic of that wonderful night:

After that Fabulous evening, it was mutually discussed that Hannah and mystery BBC would both rather like to spend the night together, exploring our very own first experience of her meeting without me (but keeping me very much updated with pics and videos when they got that chance) – I’m sure you’ll all agree that was going to be one hell of a night. Let me reinforce the fact that I’m a stag husband and not a cuckold, so I was looking forward to revelling in Hannah’s pleasure and hearing/seeing all the details!

A date was set for very early December, hotel booked and our build up commenced. Sadly on that date (or rather in the days before) Hannah wasn’t very well, so we had to postpone. As all will attest, real life often throws a spanner in the works of such alternate lifestyles. He was more than understanding, and we set a mutually agreeable alternative date closer to a Christmas.

Fast forward to arranged night part 2. I drove to the hotel and set things up, nice touches like champagne in the fridge, plenty of condoms, massage oil etc. and sorted out my Amazon Fire stick on the TV to play Hannah’s favourite KissStory station that has somehow played a part in all of our naughty adventures so far (!) The plan was that I would help her get ready and drop her off, then pick her up the following morning.

My phone buzzed with a WhatsApp message from Mr. BBC – unfortunately he had childcare issues and was trying to resolve them. We had good measure of him as being very reliable, and were of course understanding as we face similar challenges ourselves. As the hour went by, he was incredibly apologetic and we concluded that the night wasn’t going to go ahead. Let me interject by saying just how well reviewed our friend was on FabSwingers, and how gentlemanly he had been when we met him (and in all subsequent comms too).

Rather gutted, especially as Hannah was so very much looking forward to her first solo escapade (as was I!!), we quickly rearranged for December 23rd, so she’d get her Christmas treat and then we’d be straight into family time for Christmas Eve. All agreed and so we started again to count down the hours.

So, déjà vu, at about 2pm on the 23rd I went again to the hotel, checked in and laid out everything for their night together. I took the opportunity to chill out a little and watch TV with a cup of tea, partly to escape the pre-Christmas home madness, but also waiting to receive confirmation from Mr. BBC.

Soon enough WhatsApp buzzed. Again he had completely legitimate childcare issues but was working on them. I must say, alarm bells did not ring as throughout our comms over the past couple of months he had given us great confidence. As I waited, I decided not to worry Hannah, but waited for him to keep me posted. After about an hour, it became clear once again that the night was a no go. In the meantime I’d prepared a few options – one of which being I could drop Hannah off first thing in the morning so the pair of them could enjoy some filthy quality time together, and he readily agreed to this idea.

Hannah was again disappointed, but we both agreed at least she’d get her pre-Christmas treat, so at least there was a positive ending (or so we thought).

Come the morning of the 24th we were fairly rushed. Mr. BBC had texted that all was good, and he’d be with Hannah by 0930. I’d helped her prepare the night before to some degree (shaved smooth, nails etc. – a process which is always very exciting) and the essentials plus her outfit were already at the hotel. I drove her there and dropped her off, returning home I was glued to my phone.

The messages from my gorgeous Hotwife started coming, and although she wasn’t staying the night, the feeling was electric. First she sent me photos of her dressed up, then drinking a glass of Buck’s Fizz, then close ups of her wearing her special anklet. We were both beside ourselves with excitement.


The confirmation text I sent Mr. BBC went undelivered.

In the space of dropping her off and confirming with him, and returning home, he’d gone blank on us. Again, I didn’t want to worry Hannah, but as the clock ticked past 0930 towards 0940 I grew even more suspicious. A quick glance at FabSwingers showed his verification from our MMF a few weeks earlier (a simply *lovely* one at that) had gone from our profile – he’d only gone and blocked us!!

I sent a few more WhatsApp messages to him, but only one grey tick, presumably he’d blocked us on there too. We’d been ghosted in the worst possible way.

Real life happens, we’re incredibly respectful of that, but now we’d sunk around £120 in hotel rooms to accommodate him and he’d simply vanished 😪 I broke the news to Hannah and she was of course sad but pragmatic – we’ve read about the potential unreliability of single guys, but honestly thought he was different and respectful,…we were wrong. She got dressed back into normal clothes, cleared the room and returned home for what was a lovely family pre-Christmas afternoon and evening.

I felt very responsible in disappointing Hannah, even though I knew I shouldn’t feel that way. It made us both feel down and wonder what on earth had happened. Even if he did indeed have a genuine reason to not be there, we’d have completely understood and given him another chance, but to sever contact and leave my gorgeous wife in the lurch was simply rude.

Well, a lesson learned the hard way I suppose – don’t count your chickens until the guy is actually there in the flesh. Sad but seemingly true.

Of course we had a wonderful Christmas, as we would have done anyway, but this would’ve been the absolute icing on the cake and ended our first six months in this lifestyle on a high note. The upshot is that we decided to have a naughty liaison on January 4th to repair the disappointment, and we are also already on the guest list for the BMFC event at Xtasia night on the 10th Jan, so plenty to look forward to (and, of course, write about!)

Well, hope that was interesting and readable, please be sure to check out our Twitter feed as we continue to detail our experiences so far 🥰

One thought on “That awkward second post – unreliable single guys ðŸ˜‚

  1. oh damn what a shame, so much build up anf then totally let down, Why can’t people just tell the truth and say can’t make it or don#’t want to take it further. As a married man I don’t hold much hope of meeting a hotwife, but I do love the thought of it


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